Enginenear Credit Repair LLC.

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gave Enginenear Credit Repair LLC. 5 stars


Life with poor credit was awful for me. I didn’t see myself advancing in life I felt like I was going to always be stuck in the same old sink hole.

I went to a bank one day only to open up a bank and the lady told me that she needed to check my credit and of course I was denied. I felt horribly, that I couldn’t even open up a checking account because my credit score was to low. I was even denied jobs because now employers check credit.

Then one day I was introduced to Enginenear and my life changed for the better. My credit score started to rise and I was blessed to have a cleaner credit report because of inquiries and old accounts been removed. I can finally say life is much more easier now.

My mindset now is to take my credit more seriously because your credit determines every thing. I no longer purchase things that I don’t need and I learned how to budget and save my money.

-- Kem C

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