Endeavor House North

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206 Bergen Avenue
Kearny, New Jersey 07032
United States

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Sandra, David and Gabriel they were all outstanding counselors, they gave you the meat of the situation and broke it down to you where you can easily relate and identify, I want to thank all three of the counselors for Endless hours of positive affirmations and great understanding and a listening ear. It was a great class everybody seemed to be on board and ready to get clean and sober a lot of great feedback that not only I could use but anybody else in the room that we're listening.
Steve at Endeavor house was a great role model that always gave feedback and scenarios whether we're leaving the house or coming back or going to an AA meeting, he was always a positive individual that knew his sobriety cuz he always gave and never asked for anyting. He was a selfless individual they had a lot of knowledge and why he was where he is today you really don't meet people like him, he just stands out and a real positive way I am super glad that I was able to meet someone like him I actually took home some of his positive traits and if you knew who he really was you would understand that I benefited just meeting him. All in all my experience at endeavor was a remarkable life changing events that I'm super happy that I went through and made the decision one of the best decisions I've done in a long time, it gets better from here and because of endeavor I have that opportunity to see it thank you very much Sandra and David and Gabriel four lessons well taught,, but most of all I want to give a great big shout out and thanks to the guys and Steve at the Endeavor house forgiving their experience strength and hopes. Thank you so much Steve Joey will Frank Marcelo being a stepping stone for my sobriety. Better known as Dallas.

-- Dallas T

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