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3535 Thomas Drive
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This is my 3rd visit with Emerald Coast Dental Spa and each time I leave , I'm more amazed at how pleasant dental care can be.
The entire practice is focused on making you feel welcomed, comfortable and establishing the best plan of care for all your dental needs.
Let's face it. It's not just kids that need to be distracted when you visit the dentist and ECSPA has mastered this technique.
First Visit- After a warm and cheerful greeting, the young and lovely receptionist started my office tour by presenting me with a welcome gift!
It wasn't even my birthday!!!
Everyone is genuinely sweet, professional and interested in your care.
A lot can be said about that since it's an office full of women!!!
Between the Examination Massage Chair, Aromatherapy, Therapeutic touch and serene colors/paintings, I can not imagine anyone being anxious about dental appointments, anymore.
What's even more impressive, the goal is not only in dental health, but a Holistic approach to your general health.
Do you know that all of your major organs are affected by the health of your teeth?
As a nurse I know how poor dental health can affect your heart, but as a patient of ECDSPA I knew the extent of the toll it can take on every organ or your body, not to mention your mental status.
I mean, how often are you thinking about your teeth?
Me?? Every time I smile and brush my teeth.
You know what they say people first notice when they meet you?
Your Face and your Hands, is what I was always told.
ECDSPA's treatment plan is not the traditional "Your X-rays show...and I recommend.....", but rather "What can we do to help you obtain the best dental health you've ever had?"
There is a unique team of care givers at this practice, not to mention they all have beautiful teeth.(See I noticed, guys.)
Meet ECDSPA as soon as you can because it's an EXCELLENT place for dental care.
They are experts in making your smile an attraction.
NOT a distraction.
I love my new dentist!!!

-- Marguerita P

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