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Vince was amazing. He was able to demonstrate that our little crazy Miniature Pincher could learn to control herself and not bark and everyone and everything. It was a learning experience for both our dogs and, of course us. My wife and I were probably more difficult to train than the 2 dogs. Once ... See More


Vincent from ECS Dogs went above and beyond when he flew all the way from CA to Houston TX and delivered an amazing person protection dog and pet. I'm a first time handler and with the training that is behind these dogs, handling them is seamless. ... See More


Vincent from ECS Dogs delivered an amazing Belgian Malinois to me and my family. The obedience and civil protection was not only above and beyond my expectations but made simple by the amazing training methods they use. You won't regret your investment with them. ... See More


The most amazing transformation I've ever seen. Vincent is a freaking "dog whisperer. Very impressed with the dogs performance ... See More


I had a consultation with ECS Dogs and it was very informative and the trainer was patient and clear about why and how we should train our dog.... See More


Rachel is amazing!!! She was able to work with my family's crazy schedule and we're definitely seeing progress with my bully baby Chevy. Now we're on to group training! Thank you!!!... See More


Extremely patient trainers. In our home the pet parents have ore to learn than the pets. Michael and Vince are both great. They just want to do whatever they can to make sure you're happy and comfortable with the training experience. No problem is too small. Thanks for all of your help and guidance.... See More


It was a very fruitful day baby just it's unbelievable how they reacted through a few commands and how he behaves it's unbelievable and I think fans for what he's doing today for us thank you again... See More


I am so so happy with ECS Dogs... I only wish I would have found them sooner! Huge improvement in public behavior in just the first session and after 3 I have a totally different dog.... Very well
Behaved in public as well as home... I'm going to continue training with ECS dogs for as long as my ... See More

Gur Yalon gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review

We have been very pleased with our training for our super active puppy, Sugar. Adam has been SO awesome teaching all of us how to train him and within 10 minutes Sugar was doing so much better. We haven't had any issues with no shows, or payment concerns or anything... we just wish we had hired them sooner. Thanks guys!

Hillary Lachman gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review
Dawn Convay - Smith gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review
Wayne Boesiger gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review

My dog Nutty was claimed to be a "dud" by other trainers. In other words, he didn't have strong enough genetics to be any good at protection work. I was told to try other things with him like scent work. But I know that training is a process of achievement and one who knows how, can work with the raw materials that were indeed present. After working with Tim, Nutty's bite work is better than other "titled" dogs I've seen because he has a strong foundation of fundamentals. His obedience has come farther in precision, animation, and vastness of commands than I could have previously imagined possible, and yet we are still on the road to more and better! I've worked with traditional training methods before to limited results. With Tim's training system even my older dog has sharpened his obedience and learned new things-- You certainly can teach an old dog new "tricks"! I am continually amazed at how much Tim knows about dogs, and more importantly about problem solving. Problem solving is a really just a technique or breaking things down into pieces and addressing each piece one by one until you can paint the whole picture again. This mind set has helped me not just in dog training, but in other areas on my life. Dogs are not just in your life, they are your life- and my dogs and my life have changed for the better since working with Tim and ECS Dogs. Thank you!!!

Rachel Chan gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review

Tim Smith is one of the best dog trainers I've had the liberty of meeting. He knows dog behavior and how to fix those unwanted behaviors. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone looking for a well trained dog.

Greg Williams gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review
Tim Smith gave ECS Dogs a 5 star review

Outstanding - Rachel's expertise in dog training is immediately evident. In our first 60 minute training session, Stella was responding and retaining... more

Alli W. gave SFC Dogs a 5 star review
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