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The guys were super helpful and kind in explaining everything to me.... See More


Efficient, friendly, professional, and educational. Happy to have worked with them.!... See More


Mike is the best! Very satisfied with our inspection.... See More


Very thorough and helpful for a first time home buyer... See More


Very thorough and informative... See More


Awesome information given. Great service!!... See More


Great Job, extremely thorough!!... See More


Marcus was prompt, professional and very informative. Great inspector. Thank you!... See More


Echo Inspection was very helpful and friendly. Being a first time buyer I feel confident in their inspection and review.... See More


Great job! Thank you for explaining things so thouroughly.... See More


The guys knew what they doing, double checked their work, and provided on the spot explanations of what they were seeing and the level of concern each identified item posed.... See More


Very freandly very helpfull very knowledgeable very happy with service... See More


The inspectors were great. On time and professional. They helped explain any issues in ways that i can understand and answered all my questions.... See More


He did a very through job. Took time to explain. Thank you.... See More


You guys are great, and did a wonderful job of walking me through each step in the process. I am very impressed by their responsiveness and thoroughness.... See More


Very professional and knowledgeable.... See More


ECHO did an extremely thorough job performing the inspection of the home we're buying. I appreciated their responsiveness in scheduling and solid job both working through the inspection and discussing the details with me prior to leaving. I really appreciate the added bonus of getting notification... See More


Very great job. Thorough and explained all issues well. Thank you!... See More


Mike and Michelle were awesome and very thorough. Being first time homeowner they explained everything well. I highly recommend... See More


Everyone was very thorough and explained everything to me. There was a lot of information but it was communicated in a clear and easy way to make it quickly digestible.... See More

All I can say is wow! Tommy and his partner were so amazing and efficient. They found the smallest problems at my place that no one could find. They were extremely nice and knowledgeable. I used them on my last home purchase and I would highly recommend Echo inspection and their staff! They even send out two workers for the inspection!! A++

Jeffrey Flowers gave Echo Home Inspection Inc a 5 star review

Great company!! My inspectors Tony and Antionette were incredibly nice, and informative. I received and extremely detailed inspection report and I wasn't left with any questions. I had a great experience and will be recommending this company to others in the future.

Mia Petitti gave Echo Home Inspection Inc a 5 star review

I would recommend this Home Inspection company to anyone. Very thourough inspection with a detailed report. They send two team members for each inspection to focus on different aspects of the home. Not only is this time efficient, but it really does help client/realtor understand the living conditions of the home! I am a realtor and my client loved this service.

Kushal Thakkar gave Echo Home Inspection Inc a 5 star review

Have used them twice already. Great people. Honest,and very detailed. Will definitely keep using ECHO 😊

Paulina Ochoa gave Echo Home Inspection Inc a 5 star review

So I have read the other reviews and they are all 5 star or 1 star reviews, so I think my review will hold some weight for various reasons. I used this company three times within a seven month span, all in the past year. They send two inspectors to each house, which is a huge plus and makes things go faster and also gets two different perspectives on each issue found. I got two different sets of inspectors from the three inspections I hired them for and they were all very knowledgeable, courteous and honest about what they were experts on and what they were not. People need to realize that inspection companies will never find 100% of the problems, nor should they be expected to, so keep that in mind no matter who you hire. Every time I asked one of the inspectors about something that didn't look right, they usually gave a thorough explanation and often times it followed by "you may want a (insert name of specialist) to come take another look" which I never felt the need to do but they made it obvious they are not experts in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, chimneys, etc. There are not a lot of people out there who are experts in EVERY one of those fields, but they do have AT LEAST basic knowledge of each, more than the average person for sure. I probably know a bit more than the average Joe, and they knew infinite amounts more than me, mostly due to years of experience. They also give you cookies, which are large and delicious, at the end of the inspection, so that is a bonus if you love cookies like I do. So 99% of what they did I was satisfied or more than satisfied with, but there were two relatively small issues that happened, which is why I am not giving a full five stars. So the first inspection they did for me, there were a lot of issues with that house and the inspection allowed us to get out of the contract, so that was helpful to us financially. We did another inspection with them on a new house about a month later and they found plenty of problems, but no deal breakers. We decided to purchase that house and about six months later put it back for sale because I got a better job and we needed to move again to be closer to my new job. So the person who ended up buying that house from us hired a different inspection company to inspect the house, which happened roughly six months after Echo inspected that house. I was confident the new inspector would not find much since I remedied 90%+ of what Echo found in the first inspection. I was correct about this except for one thing. In the original inspection, Echo inspectors looked at the electrical box thoroughly, as pictures in the report show, but missed something the new inspector found. There were some wires that were not the proper gauge for what they were being used for, which is a code violation and I had to get fixed before I sold my house. This was a super simple, $100 fix by a licensed electrician who confirmed the issue, so very minor compared to what else could go wrong with a house. It is probably something inspectors should look for and find, but it was the only thing they missed when comparing it to the other inspector's report, not bad at all. The other inspectors report missed MANY things Echo brought up, so obviously I was happy to not have to address those issues (they were all minor). The second issue was an accounting error. After we had them do the third inspection on the new house we now live in, I gave the inspector my credit card right there in the house when the inspection was complete and he took down my information. Fast forward three months later and I get an email and voicemail from the company's secretary saying I never paid the bill and it was about to go into collection (which hurts your credit and can create a lawsuit). They claimed they made multiple attempts to contact me to get the bill paid, but this is false as this was the first attempt that reached me, which I responded to immediately. It is possible they called me and I did not answer as I do not get service at work nor answers numbers not saved in my phone, but they never left a voicemail nor sent a simple email. I checked my credit card statements and they were correct, my card was never charged. I called the next day and gave them my information and the bill is now paid, no late fees charged, no collection agencies, no hurt credit, and everyone is happy. They admitted the mistake was likely due to their inspector not copying my information down correctly. It is not a big deal, but I was confused and frustrated that it was one week from going to collection when I had originally offered payment and was never contacted again and under the assumption that I had already paid for the service. One might ask how I missed a $600 charge on my credit card, but when you are buying and selling houses, there are a lot of fees, so I did not realize it did not get charged, plus my credit cards are on autopay, so I rarely check the statements unless it seems like they are too high. When it is all said and done, know that you can hire these guys and get one of the best inspection reports out there. The three inspection reports I received were all 40-60 pages with numerous photos and explanations that make it clear as day and they send them electronically as a PDF so you have them forever if you want. They carry around tablets or iPads while they do inspections and document EVERYTHING, which is not to be taken for granted. Other inspectors do not make reports this thorough. For example the report Echo gave me on the house I bought and then sold six months later was over 60 pages with tons of large photos and explanations highlighting which issues should be resolved before moving in. The other inspection company the guy used that bought my house had a 12 page report with two pages of smaller photos. I do not know about you but if I am paying a few hundred dollars, I want the most detailed report possible and if the pictures are bigger, you can see more detail. You also get the report by the next day, which is great and not the case with all inspectors. The house I now live in, which they inspected, is the one I plan to stay in forever, but if I end up moving, I would not hesitate to hire them again.

Sol N Thomas Donar gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 4 star review
P Nathan Thornberry gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review
Rick Stutesman gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review

Great and experience with Echo Inspections! As a first time homebuyer having no idea what I was doing Tom and Mark were so friendly, detailed and thorough and answered any questions I had...the cookies didn't hurt either ;) Thank you for makin this step in the home buying process a breeze! Will definitely recommend!

Brehan Lyn gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review

Best home inspection co.... We have sold and bought several houses using them

Joyce Sample gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review

A very well established business, and very professional. I rate it a 10.

Athena Seefurth gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review
Suzanne Seefurth gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review
Corey Heidkamp gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review
Catie Burke VanValkenburg gave Echo Home Inspections Inc. a 5 star review

We just had an inspection yesterday in Roselle, IL. A friend who used Echo recently recommended them. The inspection couldn't have gone more smoothly... more

Madison T. gave Echo Home Inspection a 5 star review

Echo home inspection did a fantastic job for my client during a home inspection in Rockford. Punctual, informative, and friendly throughout the process.... more

David M. gave Echo Home Inspection a 5 star review

Very thorough inspection performed on our prospective purchase with detail of issues worthy of corrective attention prior to closing. The inspectors, both... more

Travis W. gave Echo Home Inspection a 5 star review
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