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Dust and Mop is truly my lifeline. I have been a client for many years now and appreciate that they keep my house in tip top shape. Julie does such a lovely job cleaning my home, and it's like being in a 5 star hotel after she is done! She leaves everything sparkling! My pets love her, too....

Wendy McHenry gave Dust and Mop a 5 star Review on Google

A few items not returned to place. Ie scale left on side of tub not put back on floor. A few obviously very dusty items not cleaned ie tray and paperweights on coffee table. Some shredding around shredder still on floor not swept up. Those are the few misses. Over all the ladies were very helpful and did a great job of wiping up, cleaning floors and responding to my requests. I am happy with the service and will continue with dust and mop....

Claudia C. Williams gave Dust and Mop a 4 star Review on Google

Dust and Mop has done an amazing job cleaning our house twice now for a very affordable price. I would highly recommend them....

Meghan Fox gave Dust and Mop a 5 star Review on Google

Good service and good price. Darleen was super nice and did a great job, thank you!


The cleaner was very pleasant and listened attentively. She got right to work. Upon my return, she was still working diligently. I was pleased with the result....

Harry Albert gave Dust and Mop a 5 star Review on Google

Dust and Mop do a really great job in cleaning my house. Yashonda is great and goes above and beyond what I would expect from a personal house cleaner. She's great and the company is too....

Heather Groves gave Dust and Mop a 5 star Review on Google

I loved Dust and Mop because they do an excellent job.

Kate Keller gave Dust and Mop a 5 star Rating on Google

Amy, Deidre and Rhonda did a wonderful job. The house looks incredible. This is the second team ( First team-Darlene, Lolo and Rhonda) to do a great job in my house. My previous cleaning and this one were in preparation for company. I am so happy with how the house looks and smells so clean I am going to set up regular monthly cleaning. I recommend you give the girls at Dust and Mop an opportunity to help you with your house. I think you'll be pleased....

Lorraine Caravalho gave Dust and Mop a 5 star Review on Google
Patricia Dutcher Recommends Dust and Mop

Julie always arrives promptly, gets right to work and does a great job!! I’m very happy with her service 😊😊

2 weeks ago
Deb Rites Recommends Dust and Mop

Very efficient. On time, reasonably priced and friendly as well. Thanks.

3 months ago
Paula Efird Hoyle Recommends Dust and Mop

I’ve used the services of Dust and Mop for several years now. Lashonda has been cleaning my house the past few times and she is terrific!!! Even if your regular person is not there, they pass along information well. They are flexible if you need to switch or skip a cleaning, I would recommend them to anyone!!

4 months ago
Haley Gray Recommends Dust and Mop

Great team. They do such a great job in my home. I've had both a deep cleaning, and regular service- highly recommended. And I have pets, kids, and the full shebang- and it didn't phase them a bit!

4 months ago
Brookey Duckworth Hardee Recommends Dust and Mop

Sharmaine and Kelsey did a great job! They were friendly and professional. I highly recommend them!

5 months ago
Dorie Rogers Finnerty Crocco Recommends Dust and Mop

Darlene comes once a month and does a great job. She is always on time and very pleasant

5 months ago
Tom Berthiaume Recommends Dust and Mop

Darleen is definitely a 5 star

6 months ago
Sue Tombes Sheets Recommends Dust and Mop

They do a fantastic job! The first clean was a deep clean; and I mean DEEP! Now they come once a month and I couldn't be happier.

6 months ago
Sarah Little Recommends Dust and Mop

Shirley cleans our house every other week, and I cannot day enough positive things about her!! She is very thorough and takes her time to ensure everything is cleaned well! I cannot day enough positive things about her!! I also want to recognize Dust and Mop! They are professional and helpful. We have been so happy over the last 4 years! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

6 months ago
Candace Church Austin Recommends Dust and Mop

Charmaine and Yashonda have done a wonderful job in my home! Highly recommend!

6 months ago
Alan Beers Recommends Dust and Mop

Great Service! Always love the job that Shirley does at my apartment.

6 months ago
Susan Yates Gressel Recommends Dust and Mop

Charmaine does an excellent job twice a month for me! She tailors the cleaning to what I need the most. When our dog crossed the rainbow bridge in February, she worked extra hard to eliminate the dog hairs in our house! She is sweet and very polite! Love her! Susan Gressel

6 months ago
Donicia Fuller-Smythe Recommends Dust and Mop

Tiara and Lashonda were amazing!!! 5 stars all the way!

7 months ago
Jimmy Lags Recommends Dust and Mop

great service and very thorough. ask for amy. she did a beautiful job!!!!

8 months ago
Ann Tomlinson Elmore Recommends Dust and Mop

Today, Cyara came to clean my house. She was excellent, efficient, non-intrusive, detail oriented, and very nice. i give her 5 stars!

8 months ago
Tracie Evans Langley Recommends Dust and Mop

My two favorite days of the month are when Sharmaine comes to clean for me! She is so sweet and does a great job!

8 months ago
Mary Shelton Recommends Dust and Mop

Having a consistent cleaner that knows what you like!

11 months ago
Brenda Earl Hemby Recommends Dust and Mop

They love our dogs as much as our dogs love them!

12 months ago
Lisa Higginbotham Recommends Dust and Mop

Reliable and always delivering a top notch job. We love Kasheka and the great job she does on our home!

1 year ago
Gail Goldberg Recommends Dust and Mop

What a great. The ladies were on time and pleasant. I will use this service again.

1 year ago
Greg Baldy gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

The crew was on time, respectful, stayed on task for the top to bottom cleaning, and overall did a good job

1 year ago
John Hensley gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

I've been using Dust and Mop for over three years now and I am very happy with their service! They are always on time; they always go above and beyond and they are friendly and flexible if I need to adjust a scheduled visit. If you are considering a cleaning service, I would definitely recommend the folks at Dust and Mop.

2 years ago
Mary Botts Campbell gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

Dust and Mop lived up to my high expectations. Charnele and Kim were thorough, friendly and professional. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone who appreciates the joy of a clean home, a job well done. Treat yourself today, you won't regret it.

2 years ago
Janet Jones gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

I have lived in Raleigh since 1992 & have used different home cleaning companies over the years. I have used Dust & Mop the longest. They listen, pay attention & clean from the heart. I had a great lady st first with DM who was fantastic & her career took her on another path. I was heartbroken! The 2nd lady is phenomenal. I can't imagine my life without my phenom cleaning angel. She is THE BEST! Recently I suffered an acute attack with pain & was feeling so down. My cleaning angel made my home clean, smell fresh, and did little loving extras that I was so grateful to have her there to help me when I needed it the most. More importantly, Dust n Mop gives back to women with cancer who need help with cleaning. I lost my Mom in 2007 to cancer. I honor her & the beautiful home she cared for by using a service that holds women in high regard and close to their hearts.

3 years ago
Jeff Ayersman gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

I've had a few different cleaners... all of them awesome!! Thanks Dust & Mop!!

3 years ago
Dave Gordon gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

Great company -- house is always spotless when we come home and we love the personal touches that our cleaner does while she is there. Having the same cleaner every time is a huge plus!

3 years ago
Barbara Nagel gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

Love this company, and what they do for their employees!!! From snacks in the office, to personal perks and awards, to benefits for their employees! This company cares and gets what is important!

3 years ago
Jamie Reader gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review

I love Dust and Mop! I am the owner and love our company and our employees! Amazing group!!!

3 years ago
Vickie Baker-Hyatt gave Dust and Mop a 4 star review
6 years ago
Valory Hicks gave Dust and Mop a 5 star review
6 years ago

Love Amy. She makes our house shine and smell so fresh. She is the best! She has a wonderful attitude and focuses on the details that result in a top notch... more

Lisa B. gave Dust and Mop House Cleaning a 5 star review

We've used Dust and Mop House Cleaning for more than a year and been quite pleased with the service. Our cleaner Darlene is a nice person, full of energy... more

Kevin C. gave Dust and Mop House Cleaning a 5 star review

Very thorough, polite, hard working, pleasant, went the extra mile, just a very good experience, cheerfully and steadfastly cleaned a very dirty house! Ask... more

Scott S. gave Dust and Mop House Cleaning a 5 star review

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