Dudes Drive Inn

Reviews: 16

Average: 5 out of 5 Stars


Freshest food, the best hamburgers, French fries, tacos, shakes, & cones!... See More


Great burgers and service love this place ... See More


I really love the Hamburgers at Dudes ,it is a blast from the past and reminds me of when I was a kid growing up in Redding and use to come there with my family. ... See More


This is an amazing old fashion hamburger restaurant. I love places like this. It reminds me of the 'good ol days'.... See More

Was craving tater tots today... had a cheese burger and tater tots. The staff was wonderful. The dining area was comfortable. Tater tots hit the spot!!

Kelly DeAnn gave Dude's Drive Inn a 4 star review

I thought the food was exceptional for fast food. I had recently gone to In- N- out Burger in Redding which supposed to be known for its fresh french fries ..... Was anything but fresh within two minutes the fries were already hard to eat , and was so disappointed, if I was to compare the two I would go here again over in-N-out any day.

ken More gave Dude's Drive Inn a 4 star review

My grandma used to take me here as a kid. Loved it then and love it now. One of our last old fashioned drive-ins.

Trevor Canavan gave Dude's Drive Inn a 4 star review

Stopping here for a juicy burger loaded with toppings is one of the best choices you could make for lunch or a quick dinner out. The employees are attentive and quick, the feel is similar to an old drive in diner, and the food is above exceptional. Oh, and did I mention the chicken nuggets are the best in town and cheaper than anywhere else? My kids get excited when I mention dudes, because my whole family knows its good food, good times and my wallet thanks me for the great prices. Stop at dudes any chance you get...you won't be disappointed.

Nikkie Poe gave Dude's Drive Inn a 5 star review

One of the few remaining old fashioned hamburger places left in Redding. Good food, great shakes & ice creams.

Heidi Hall gave Dude's Drive Inn a 5 star review

My hubby & I were in Redding yesterday for a VA appt, since Dudes is just up the rd, decided to stop in for lunch, glad we did...the burger & fries w/ choc... more

Valerie G. gave Dudes Drive Inn a 5 star review

Loved this mom & pop shop feel. It's a classic in every single way. From the food to the shakes to the service. These guys are more

M. G. gave Dudes Drive Inn a 4 star review

This place is so cute! I love their shakes and fries, and especially their sundaes. The staff is also nice. more

Teresa R. gave Dudes Drive Inn a 5 star review
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