Drs. Tanner and Reichhold Orthodontics

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2991 Treat Blvd
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Concord, CA 94518
United States

We love going to the orthodontist! This office treats each of us as individuals! Thank you for everything you do!... See More


This orthodontics have been such an amazing part of our lives and we're greatful to be a part of their family!... See More


When i was going to get braces I thought that it would take a long time to brush my teeth and it would hurt when i press down to clean it. But later on i got used to it and it didn't hurt any more if i drank cold water ot take some kind of medicne. I'm kind of glad I got braces so now i can do the ... See More


Yesterday was our first visit to the office. Everyone was so friendly and took time with is. Gabby was so helpful with my son and I. He asked when will we see her again?? He's never felt so comfortable at a dentist office ... See More


The office is GREAT!!! The staff are amazing and so welcoming to all, even non patients. This movie screening was an awesome event and we truly appreciate it.... See More


This orthodontist is amazing and fun! Thank you so much foraking my experience not scary and fun.... See More


Thanks to everyone at Tanner & Reichold! The staff is all fantastic. They have been really great through all of Matthew's treatment. Top notch!... See More

When my older daughter was referred to Dr Tanner and Dr Reichhold since the moment we entered the office we were welcomed by the warm and nice staff who make us feel comfortable . We were happy with the attention she received through the orthodontist process. My daughter always got fast help every time she had a problem with her braces. We were so happy with the professional work the doctors did for my daughter that we came back with my younger daughter when she needed orthodontics treatment. We also recommended the Doctors to other friends and they are happy that their kids are getting treated there as well. So we greatly recommend Dr Tanner and Dr Reichhold

Vicente Castaneda gave Tanner & Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

I have always hated going to the dentist/orthodontist but coming here has changed my mind. Dr. Tanner and his staff are so kind and friendly and make visiting enjoyable not dreadful. I so appreciate them!!

Danielle Comforti gave Tanner & Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

My son loves Tanner & Reichhold Orthodontics! They are all so friendly there and they are doing a great job working with him to achieve a great smile! Thank you!

Danielle Adams gave Tanner & Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

The practice of Drs. Tanner and Reichhold is one of the best run doctor offices I have ever encountered. I especially appreciate, that our time is appreciated and valued, and all appointments are on time (as scheduled!) and any emergency appointments as accommodated as needed. We have gone through 3 patients and sets of braces in this practice, and each time we experienced the same quality of service. All of the office staff is knowledgeable, always helpful and professional, and we all enjoy our picture perfect teeth!

Marta Goc gave Tanner & Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

We've really enjoyed our experience with this office from the moment we first walked in. The Staff is friendly and welcoming and they are always ready to help. They are very knowledgeable and listen to your concerns. Highly recommend this office.

Sandra Unalp gave Tanner & Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

Dr. Tanner is a wonderful caring orthodontist who takes the time to listen to his patients and is extremely thorough and professional with his procedures.... more

Eric M. gave Tanner and Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

Great service from the orthodontist and entire office crew at Tanner and Reichhold. As an adult, I choose to get the Invisalign treatment and the entire... more

Shannon W. gave Tanner and Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

Amazing. If you get braces here they basically have you covered for life. It was totally free to get my alignment and retainer checked after 9 years. Really... more

Shitting W. gave Tanner and Reichhold Orthodontics a 5 star review

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