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Dr. Surprise is fantastic! We love her philosophy on health and wellness. We are losing weight, gaining better health and changing our lives! Carri is always so helpful and happy when we are on the phone or in the office, it is such a pleasure to see her and Dr. Surprise. We are so blessed to have f... See More


Thanks to some great friends we found Dr. Surprise and I love Dr. Surprise Natural Methods because of the personal attention to my wife and I. We started the journey to better overall health four months ago and results have been amazing. Dr. Surprise is changing our lives and we are blessed to have ... See More


Dr. Surprise's zest, passion and utter dedication to health is greatly evidenced in the way she relates to her patients and takes the time to educate them. It was a pleasure going to each appointment as I saw my digestive issues being correctly addressed and greatly helped. I highly recommend Dr. ... See More


I love Dr. Surprise Natural Methods because she’s extremely thorough and effective. She knows her exactly what it takes to transform your life and get you moving forward. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about natural methods and resources to obtaining a healthier lifestyle. You will never regre... See More

I am in my late 40's and had come to a cross roads in my health. I was tired, my body hurt, and often fought depression. I felt like if I didn't make a change soon then my marriage, career, and over all state of being was headed in a bad place. I couldn't be the wife I once was and my success in my profession required a level of energy that was just not possible. I tried a lot of supplements, crazy diets, my Medical Dr, and still there I sat sick and tired. I started my journey with Dr Surprise at Thanksgiving and the results I have already recognized left me in tears at my appointment today! I am 5-3 and I was tilting the scales at 178.6, my BMI, Lean Muscle, and visceral fat were way above the range. Today, I have lost 32 pounds, and my numbers are lining up. That is only part of the story, today I am pain free, I can get up in the morning and run! Yes I said run and without consequences. This has changed my life. We just don't know what to do until we learn to do something else. As for Dr. Surprise; she has been supportive, informative, attentive, and cares about my health. I think she might have gotten a little misty eyed as well when I shared my gratitude for what she has done for me, my health, and my family! If you don't know what else to do and you are at a cross roads; I promise you this is the answer. It's not a one size fits all, it's created just for you.. You finally understand the why and then she will show you what!

Eddie Nicodemus gave Denton Chiropractor | Weight Loss | Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 5 star review

Dr. Surprise is amazing. She has put me on a program that is doing everything that I told her I wanted to happen.

Eddy Foster gave Denton Chiropractor | Weight Loss | Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 5 star review

Dr. Surprise gave me the most thorough exam I have ever had in my life! She opens the door to HEALTH, attacking the roots of your inflammation and identifies the root causes of issues. I was stuck in being 205 lbs and 5/3"! In 3 months I have lost 28 lbs and ultimately lost 40 lbs.

RAPHA LLC gave Denton Chiropractor | Weight Loss | Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 4 star review

I have been a Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetic for the past 38 years causing other health issues over the last 16 years, mainly weight gain, extreme fatigue and body pain. I was at a place where traditional medicines and therapies were no longer as effective. So as I began looking for other options I came upon Dr. Surprise Natural Methods and after their assessment and recommended therapy I saw faster and better results in just the first two weeks of the program than I have ever had with any other doctors, medications or treatments in my entire medical history. Being on the program I have experienced improvement in my weight, blood sugars, body pain and cholesterol. If you decide to do Dr. Surprise Natural Methods and follow the program you are bound to see results that are positive and life giving and changing.

R Freeman gave Denton Chiropractor | Weight Loss | Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 5 star review

Dr. Surprise has an amazing knowledge base. She has taught me so much this year about nutrition and how it relates to the human body. I am so appreciative of her. She is a great doctor and teacher that truly wants the best for her patients. Thank you for making such a huge impact in my life

Chris Townsend gave Denton Chiropractor | Weight Loss | Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 5 star review
Christophe Dean Recommends Dr. Surprise Natural Methods

As a health care provider of 42 years, I know all to well the confusion patients feel when trying to navigate a weight loss program alone. Dr Surprise has years of experience and a strong commitment to the clinical evidence that makes her guidance so effective. Following the most current understanding of nutrition and backing that up with a compassionate, empathetic manner; that is a winning combination. If you have ever just had a doctor tell you, “You just need to lose some weight!” And then walk out the door without telling you how, you are ready to put yourself under Dr Surprise’s care.

6 months ago
Tara Higgins gave Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 5 star review

Perimenopaussl issues? Go see For Surprise!

8 months ago
Stacie Forest gave Dr. Surprise Natural Methods a 5 star review
2 years ago

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