Dr. Nicole Rankine

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I met Dr. Nicole Rankin 12 years ago when my daughter joined our churches dance ministry lead by Nicole at the time. As a protective mother my initial observation of Nicole was her warm and inviting spirit coupled with a big beautiful smile. As I continue to observe Nicole it was easy to see that at a young age herself she embodied great leadership skills. For years Nicole lead young girls in more ways than just dance. Through Nicole’s leadership and teaching our girls understood what they were doing as they ministered in dance and why. I was empressed with Nicole’s ability to demand respect while loving on them at the same time. Nicole took ministry seriously and in turn made our kids understand the seriousness of what they were doing while having fun worshipping God. Nicole was missed by many when moved on to do many things including becoming Dr. Nic. Although we know Dr. Nic love the kids, the adult women felt her trust and love as well.

Arlene Korleh

-- Arlene K

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