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My name is Zhyno Ahmedy. I graduated from High school recently and now I'm on my way to college! I met Dr. Nicole Rankine in my home room class, she was a speaker. She talked to us about leadership. More specifically she talked to us about how each of us can be a leader in our own lives. The time she came to talk to us I was going through a very hard time. I was struggling with school and depression. Her speech was so influential to me I couldn't help but to get her contact info so I can talk to her personally about my personal issues. I felt so relieved that I found someone like that who can guide me in becoming a better me. Dr. Nicole is a very open, caring, inspirational, intelligent and inspiring person. Talking to her about my personal issues and life really helped me on how I can fix it. Even till this day I talk to her about my struggles and my accomplishments and what I plan on doing so I can achieve more in life. She's always there for me, she motivates me to never give up and keep trying no matter how hard the situation is, she always tells me to stay positive and calm during rough times. I'm truly blessed and grateful to have someone like Dr. Nicole Rankine in my life. She's my model and inspiration. People like her are very rare to find nowadays. She's the absolute best!

-- Zhyno A

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