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Working with Dr. Jenny was a real blessing. I wanted to get on top of my health and get a real sense of what was happening in my body. Dr. Jenny was skillful in ordering the right tests and giving guidance on specific supplements. I actually found out that I had mildly elevated TSH levels which correlated with very minor fatigue and some joint pain. The symptoms were so subtle, it wasn't a large warning sign. Only the tests pointed it out. With the right supplements, we were able to get my TSH from 3.13 to 1.53 in only a few months.

As a generally healthy person, I really find the value in working with Dr. Jenny to get specific supplement recommendations. I could walk into Rainbow Grocery and blindly choose several helpful things. But through my work with Dr. Jenny, we were able to get specific on what my body needed. This I think is well worth the investment of working with a naturopath like Dr. Jenny Mann.

On top of her incredible knowledge, has a wonderful bedside manner and is kind, gentle, and humble in her approach. She is able to have the hardest conversations with a level of gentle ease that is admirable. I am so grateful to Dr. Jenny and will continue to refer many loved ones her way.

-- Elise H

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