Dr. Herman Kupeyan

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All of my life I have had problems with my teeth! I have had a lot of work done over the last 6 years. I've had teeth removed then had braces and jaw surgery. I came to this amazing place through the McGivney Centre. I was blown away by the generosity and professionalism by Dr. Kupeyan and his am... See More


My case was a challenge for Dr.K and his staff. I was born with a genetic disorder where I was unable to live my life to the fullest. With the amazing staff and help with the John McGivney centre I was able to gain my confidence and smile where ever I go. Every time I walk into the office it feels l... See More


Before the dental implants I suffered daily with toothaches, headaches and endless sinus infections. Eating was a painful and time-consuming chore. Implants have changed everything for me. I am now able to eat normally and enjoy food again without pain. Dr. Kupeyan and his staff were very friendly, ... See More


The whole team at Smile and Body have been very supportive and amazing throughout my long journey. Thank you to Dr. Kupeyan and his staff for giving me my smile back!... See More


I've been coming here since 1987. During this time I've had everything from my cleanings to crowns, bridges, partial dentures and finally my implants. I couldn't be happier with the way I've been treated over the years. I feel like one of the family! I recommend this office whenever I get the chance... See More


I first consulted with Dr. Kupeyan in April 1999. I had dentures and I wanted to do something about it. After x-rays I came back for another visit and he proposed a plan which was quite extensive. I had all reasons to trust him and believe in him through my research. We went ahead with a bone graf... See More


my name is Janet bacon I've been coming to Dr. Kupeyan's for 14 years when I arrived my mouth was so sensitive and sore I could not eat or drink anything cold or hot it had to be just room temperature they were very kind very understanding andProfessional. I've been happy with everything that has h... See More

Brittany Moretto gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

We had a wonderful experience at smile and body, Dr. Blue and Dr. Kupeyan are very friendly and do excellent work. I would recommend them to anyone wanting aesthetic treatments done.

Cherish Ruttan gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review

Great experience, very knowledgable and personable group that truly takes the time and care to explain ever thing!!! I've been to a few places and this by far has exceed those experiences. Wow

Sara Tapak gave Dr. Herman Kupeyan a 5 star review
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