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3303 McDougall Ave
Everett, WA 98201
United States

This place is amazing I love to come here I wish I could come here more. Amazing refs they will help you and give you tips when they notice something.... See More


Love playing at the outdoor field! It’s really close to my home in Snohomish and I’m so happy there’s always a big group of awesome people to play with. So happy this sport is still going strong. Are used to play about seven years ago but came back and it’s better than ever!... See More


Had a great time. All i can say is prepare to have fun. And make sure you bring all your friends. Happy shooting.... See More


Very well organized, good course, good length of games, good equipment.... See More




There were some bad sports playin unfairly when me and my family went as a Christmas gift from my mom. The employees were more than caring and on top of making sure to handle the situation. I’ve never had such sweet customer service and instead of not wanting to come back I definitely will. Thanks... See More


It is always a good time even if you get shot you can learn to move beyond fear and engage the enemy... See More

William Herrell Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

great staff and facility for anyone in the sport new or seasoned

23 hours ago
Caitlin Quinn Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

had a great time and out ref was great. He listened to any concerns and gave good explainations and was super friendly

2 days ago
Chuck Miles Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

It’s a safe place too have fun

1 week ago
Derek Blansett Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

Very fun very safe place to play would recommend this place to anyone looking to get out and have fun and learn or improve

2 weeks ago
Carla Mendez Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

Awesome it was a good experience for sure

2 months ago
Robert Nunez Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

we had a great time at the the arena the staff was great very helpfull we got a great deal on pizza from alfys 50 percent off we will be back

2 months ago
Melissa Kelly Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

Large open spaces with plenty of obstacles to hide behind. Knowledgeable and helpful staff. Boys had a blast.

2 months ago
Arius Aceboogy-DoesIt Mullins Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

Awesome, good people fantastic!

3 months ago
Breeann Hufford Recommends DoodleBug Sportz


3 months ago
David Butler Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

The staff was incredibly accomodating and ensured a smooth, safe, and fun experience for all. Story time: We were beginning a game and I sprinted out to find the nearest cover, but before I could get there I slipped and hit the deck. My mask flew off. The referree (ie - Guardian Angel) know simply as 'Shaggy' called a halt to the game and sprinted through a maelstrom of paintball fire to cover my exposed, helpless face with his body, getting hit many times in the process. I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

3 months ago
Monica Meadows Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

We had a great time! Thank you!

4 months ago
Robert Kidd Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

great first time experience, better than I expected.!!

5 months ago
Jessika Bishop Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

Fun place!! We will definitely be back. Wear long sleeves and pants and shoes with grip as the synthetic turf field is slippery. Helpful and friendly staff for the most part.

5 months ago
Allissa Abed Recommends DoodleBug Sportz

hands down best customer service today. we had 12 year bday party. our ref, matt, was great with the kids. as soon as I walked in the door, trevor was helpful. thank you all for a great time

5 months ago
Katie Dahlgren Gramley gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review

We took our 5 boys (ages 6-11) to the indoor facility yesterday - it was really fun! The staff was very enthusiastic and friendly. They have a great set up to keep everyone safe, too. We will definitely be back!

6 months ago
Andrew Stokes gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review
9 months ago
Karla Valdez gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review
9 months ago
Sarah Brown gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review
12 months ago
Arki Meneses gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review
12 months ago
Erika Bostick gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review

Great place! Great people! So much fun! 🤘🏼 Very friendly and helpful staff... Can’t wait to try out your Outdoor course!

12 months ago
Devra Burns gave DoodleBug Sportz a 4 star review

Pretty cold inside. One of the fields is open to the elements

1 year ago
Edith Scott gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review

Amazing experience every time we have gone!! Great refs and great customer service!!

1 year ago
Stephen Cismowski gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review

Had alot of fun with my son watching the tournament he loved the shirt thanks again

1 year ago
Tina Brock gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review

Easy private party reservation online. Friendly and helpful staff. After 2 hours of play, we were able to eat pizza, have cake, and presents without being rushed. Other party places will kick you out after a half an hour. Another plus was Alfy's offers 50% off and delivery. Our party had tons of fun and my daughter wants to have her birthday there again.

1 year ago
Matt Keenan gave DoodleBug Sportz a 5 star review
1 year ago

Group of 9 kids/adults went for the first time. The referee and all the workers provided amazing support and service. The fields were great, the equipment... more

Jennifer P. gave DoodleBug Sportz Indoor Paintball Arena a 5 star review

Went here for a birthday and had a great time. We bought the groupon and thought that it would save us alot for our group of 7. But our total came out to be... more

Whitney H. gave DoodleBug Sportz Indoor Paintball Arena a 4 star review

We came here for a group birthday party, many of us not having paintballed before. They guys there were awesome! From getting us checked in to getting the... more

Kaylene F. gave DoodleBug Sportz Indoor Paintball Arena a 5 star review

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