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We have had this service for almost two years. It’s affordable and provides me with peace of mind that my yard will be cleaned. Customer service is also top notch. Whenever I call, my concerns are handled immediately. I refer my family and friends all the time. This is a great service for anyone w... See More


When I came home from cancer treatment in hospital two years ago, my doctors said I must not collect dog droppings. We have two dogs and a large yard. So we signed up with Doo Doo Squad. They have been efficient and reliable this entire time. Even now that I am in remission, I continue to use Doo Do... See More


Derek LOVED Doo Doo Squad

Derek H

I am very pleased with the quality of service that I receive.


Denise Strongly Recommends Doo Doo Squad

Denise G

I love the service I receive from the squad. You're are always kind and never complain if my dogs are outside when they shouldn't be, and I apologize when they are. You're very quick and efficient. Every penny very well spend. I'll never stop using your services. thank you for what you do.


David LOVED Doo Doo Squad

David C

They do great cleaning up it makes me life a whole easier not having to worry about cleaning up after my dog.


Great service and professional crew who come out weekly and do a great job! Thank you 😊


I work nights and I’m not always able to get in my backyard and clean up after my three dogs. The duty squad has been great they text me when they’re coming and they’re so quiet while they’re here because I tend to sleep during the day. I appreciate them very much.


Tiffany enjoyed the experience with Doo Doo Squad

Tiffany R

I love my guy. I have MS and can't do the pick up anymore. So your company is a God send. It works out perfectly because my gardner comes on Friday. And my guy comes on Thursday morning. Same time every week. It's a great service and my guy is awesome. Love him.


I love dogs yet the only thing I hated and deaded was the amount of clean-up required. I work in fire prevention and my work often times commits me to long hours or away from home making clean-up impossible. With the Doo Doo Squad I have a great weight lifted off my shoulders, my yeard is keep cle... See More


I am head over hills with the Doo Doo Squad….and my little friends Oscar and Sox’s who look forward to return of the worker that stole their Poop….Thank you for you’re continuous effort to keep my yard free of poop


Doo-doo squad is a great option! They are consistent, punctual, friendly, easy to work with, fairly priced, Todd the Owner is a great person and compassionate! Best Pooper Scooper in Town!


The Squad has been doing a great job maintaining our back yard. It’s so nice to not have to worry about one of the many task associated with having large dogs. The text notifications alerting us when they are on the way is much appreciated!


Over all very Efficient


Daniel had a great experience with Doo Doo Squad

Daniel D

DooDoo squad has been wonderful! They are always on time and no problems!


I love the Doo Doo Squad. They are always on time, do a quick and clean job and make it indiscreet. Professional and reliable to get the job done. And our dog loves our service rep.


They are reliable, do a great job, and are great with the dogs.


The services provided is very convenient and they notify us before arriving, so we can secure the dogs. We recommend their services.


I am so happy to decided to set up this service. Every week Doo Doo Squad comes and cleans my back yard of all the poop from our 3 dogs. We have never had an issue with them coming and our dogs being in the yard and they ALWAYS make sure the gate is closed!


Has proved reliable and timely each week. Wish I knew of service before.


John thinks you should try Doo Doo Squad

John C

I love this service!! They are always on schedule and are done in no time. Yard is left poop free and available for my grandsons to run around the backyard freely without having to worry about any land mines 😂 .. I definitely recommend their services.


We love do doo squad! They have amazing customer service and everyone who has come to our home is very thorough and efficient! I was on bed rest during my pregnancy and it was so nice to have there help! We have them still because we loved them so much!


Chad enjoyed the experience with Doo Doo Squad

Chad B

Have been using this service for three years now. Worth every penny for my three fur babies. Let's face it, part of having fur babies is the unpleasant... more

Jennifer E. gave Doo Doo Squad a 5 star review

While they might not schedule exact times, only days..completely worth it especially with our schedule. They communicate well with staff from emeil,... more

J A. gave Doo Doo Squad a 4 star review

This is such a great company. The service is worth every penny. Raul is very fast and friendly. He always says good morning to me. I give this 5 stars! more

Cach'e S. gave Doo Doo Squad a 5 star review

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