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Had a wonderful experience! Will definitely be going again. 😄

Darlene Bussell

Jonathan is very excited to recommend

Jonathan D

Doc Dwayne knows his stuff. I have been seeing him off and on for the past couple of years. I originally saw him because of a persistent calf issue. I literally could not run without it cramping up. After a couple of sessions I was able to get back to running. Since then I have had various pains in my legs and lower back that he has worked on. I highly recommend him.

Terrell Richard Replied: Thank you, Terrell, so much for your positive review! We are happy you liked our chiropractor in Oakland

It was cool. He helped my body feel better right away. I like his sense of hummer and I look forward to seeing him.


Doctor Dwayne is the absolute best. His energy is contagious, he's always in a welcoming mood and makes you feel amazing from the start. He doesn't just know his stuff he's an absolute pro. Love him and always recommend him!



Juan L

Throughout my years as a competitive weightlifter, Dwayne has gotten me out of trouble so many times! Whether I beat myself up from overtraining or just tweaked my back Dwayne always found time to assess and adjust me and get me back on the move.


DocDwayne is a must-see guy! Equally effective in fixing *and* preventing injury... I couldn't live without him!


Dwayne keeps my body functioning! I am nearly 60 and he has put me back together a bunch of times. I am so happy that I can keep running, swimming, and lifting weights, despite all the times my shoulders, feet, hips, etc seemed ready to quit forever.


Dr. Dwayne has been an invaluable addition to my well-being. I feel more balanced after each session, and I appreciate the care he gives to me. I highly recommend Dr. Dwayne’s practice!


Most amazing experience... specially after my shoulder injury.. Dr Dwayne will give you his honest assessment and you will notice big difference after your first visit plus few days... I recommend him 100%.


Doc Dwayne is great! I came to him with some really bad tendinitis that was affecting my job performance. He came up with a treatment plan, educated me the whole time, and it worked, I haven’t had any pain ever since. He was flexible with my weird schedule, friendly and fun to be around. If you have pain go to Doc Dwayne.

Timothy Elliott Replied: Thank you for your warm words, Timothy. We are honored to be your choice chiropractors in Oakland ca.

Doc Dwayne is my one and only source of neck and low back pain relief. I currently not an athlete, and he still is the best chiro i know


Dwayne is a great Chiropractor. Apart from being experienced in what he does, he’s also a genuinely nice and funny human being. I would 100% recommend him.


Terrell LOVED

Terrell R

Timmy is very excited to recommend

Timmy E

Dwayne has worked with me for many years and is the key reason I am able to stay very active. He knows exactly what I need each time I visit and somehow resolves any muscle issues that are causing me pain. He is very pleasant, thoughtful and a good communicator. I have referred him to friends and th... See More


He cares too much about everyone of his clients and puts himself 2nd to them and their needs.

If you're an athlete I highly recommend seeing Dwayne or his staff as they can keep you moving more pain free and help to increase ROM and rehab old injury's.


Doc Dwayne is the best!!!
Whether you're gearing up for competition or just trying to keep up with the kids, Doc Dwayne has all the right moves to keep your moves in the groove! Seriously, he has the adjustment and soft tissue skills to fix what ails you and make you better able to handle whatever l... See More


Doc Dwayne is amazing. He is our unicorn that can fix anything. Best part of our week every time!


DocDwayne did an incredible job at relieving my upper back pain. He listened to what was bothering me, carefully made the adjustments needed and gave me great advice on how to avoid pain in the future.


Stephen is very excited to recommend

Stephen H

Loved working with Dwayne! Amazing person and very knowledgeable. Helped me through back and wrist issues. Couple sessions with him got me back in great shape


God, I really miss Dwayne!! I met Dwayne while doing Crossfit back in Oakland when I used to live there. I consider myself a good athlete but there was still the occasional shoulder or back injury. When that happened, I would always call Dwayne and he would fix me right up!! He's so good, very intui... See More


Simon enjoyed the experience with

Simon K

Sid Strongly Recommends

Sid F

I loved my experience with Doc Dwayne, he was amazing and really helped with the pain I was having, need to see him again soon


DocDwayne fixed me for my silver medal finish at the 2018 CrossFit Games. He is a true professional. His diagnosis of my injury and treatment was the best I’ve ever had. He bed side demeanor was lively and fun. He’s awesome.


Doctor Dwayne is a terrific chiro and all around great person. He helped me manage stress and wear and tear on my body from training, and I always looked forward to appointments with Dwayne. Couldn’t recommend him enough!


I love DocDwayne for so many reasons including but not limited to his ability to create instant relief from pain caused by muscle imbalances. He is professional but warm and I have never left without feeling instantly better.

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