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I moved to Wildhorse over the summer (from Northern Virginia) and wanted to give a huge shout out to a company I discovered this morning called Digital Doc. Digital Doc is located off of Chesterfield Airport Road, across from the Bank of America in the Valley. I cannot say enough fabulous things about this company. This past weekend my iPhone 6 completely died on me. I could not get it to take a charge and I could not get it to power on. It had a black screen. Over the past few months I had been noticing battery issues with the phone. I would charge the phone at night and have 100% battery in the morning only to be down to 20% battery life a few hours later. This phone is my has all of my contact information that I have gathered over the years, photos of my kids, etc. (I should have properly backed it up but I did not). In any event, I took my iPhone to the Apple stored located at West County Center yesterday. I had to wait 2 hours to been seen by someone. I explained the battery issue to the Apple tech who was assigned to assist me. The Apple tech attempted to restore power to my phone by plugging it up to a "super charger." After 15 minutes, my phone still did not have any power. The tech then proceeded to run a diagnostic on my phone and advised me that the problem was not my battery. He informed me that the diagnostic revealed a hardware issue with my phone and that I needed to purchase a new phone. He also advised that Apple would be unable to recover any of the stored information on my phone (but he referred me to a company in Brentwood that could potentially help). I was beside myself and not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for a new phone. Plus, my top priority was attempting to recover all of the data off of my phone. This morning my husband went to work and a friend at work referred him to Digital Doc. I rushed over there as soon as they opened and explained all of the above to Matt, the business owner. He was FANTASTIC!! Matt explained to me the various issues that could be going on with my phone and the potential costs of remedying those problems. He advised that he would start with the battery (as it sounded like a battery issue) and then we would go from there. He was honest and forthright with me about cost/benefit analysis of doing various "fixes" to my phone. Matt popped a new battery into my phone and it sprang to life. He ran a test on my old battery and determined that there was 0% power in it. Dealing with him was WONDERFUL. My phone is alive and well and I am back home and backing it up as I type this. I just wanted to pass the word on this terrific local company. They do all sorts of computer/cell phone restoration and repair. They will forever be my first choice if I have any electronic issues down the road. I apologize for the long message. Just wanted to let you know about Digital Doc and to send a caution about the Apple store who completely misdiagnosed my issue.

-- Gigi L

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