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This was a great experience. Nice, courteous and professional. I will make this an annual visit for my health. ... See More


Eye-opening technology. Amber, Ray, and Dr. Garcia were a pleasure. I am using this technology for my annual breast check. Recommend highly for screenings.... See More


This is Dr. Garcia and I want to thank all our patients for choosing Thermography. All of our patients are proactive about their health. They have chosen Thermography because it is painless and radiation free. I would give each of our patients a five star rating.... See More


I have been seeing Dr. Garcia for several years now. I heard about thermography on a TV show and started going to Dr. Garcia. I have a family history of breast cancer with my mother and sister. Thermography gives me peace of mind and is a safe alternative to mammograms. I have now reduced mammogram... See More


I never knew there was another option to getting a breast exam until I had breast cancer and the idea of a mammogram was not appealing. So I found that there was a place for thermography and I went and saw dr. Carla Garcia. It was great, she made me feel really comfortable and it was painless it was... See More


I loved my experience with DFW thernography because of the peace of mind it gives me. Helps me to be at ease that my breast cancer will be monitored to the slightest degree of cancer returning. I am certainly greatfull for this kind of technology advance, and look forward to continuing the procedu... See More

The process was so simple & peaceful! Complete opposite feeling of sitting in a crowded room waiting forever to be seen, while being anxious & dealing with an administrative staff who doesn’t seem to have any empathy for why you might be there. From initial phone call to set up my appointment, to calling with questions up until my appointment & the small wait I had, to my interactions with the tech & follow up call from the Dr - I couldn’t have been more pleased & have ZERO regrets! I’m so glad I did this for my body, mind, spirit & future health!

Carly gave DFW Thermography, Inc a 5 star review

Amber is extremely nice and professional. This was my first experience having a thermogram. I will definitely make this an annual diagnostic test I receive. This is an excellent business!

Cheryl Everett gave DFW Thermography, Inc a 5 star review

I have been twice to DFW Thermography. It is a most wonderful technology that allows me to track my post-breast cancer progress. More importantly I have talked extensively with Dr. Garcia and the Tech, Amber, and they are the most knowledgeable and sweetest people to work with. They have emphathy and compassion and I really feel like they are supporting me 100%. And it is great that they have an affordable non-invasive tool that can provide vital information every 3-12 months. Every time I pay them I thank God that this is so easy and doable and affordable for someone like me. They are a gift from God!

Christine Malone gave DFW Thermography, Inc a 5 star review

What a great experience I had! Amber the technician was very kind and caring. She patiently answered my questions and reviewed with me the basics of thermography and I really appreciated that. The appointment scheduler and Dr. Garcia were also compassionate and I felt their genuineness. Thank you DFW Thermography for a wonderful experience and an alternative to traditional screenings!

Natalie Davis gave DFW Thermography, Inc a 5 star review

I highly recommend using Dr. Garcia for your thermography evaluations! She is both highly professional and comfortingly personal throughout the whole process. I'm not the type of person that feels comfortable standing unclothed while being evaluated, but I felt completely at ease with Dr. Garcia. I left the appointment feeling listened to and confident in her knowledge and direction as to any next steps. And, the results were sent with promptness. Don't hesitate to take advantage of this valuable service.

Connie Moravec gave DFW Thermography, Inc a 5 star review
Ann Losee gave DFW Thermography a 5 star review

Dr, Carla Garcia is a very compassionate person. She has so much knowledge about Thermography and alternative healing. I highly recommend her!

2 years ago
Ron Stauffenberg gave DFW Thermography a 5 star review

Excellent health care provider! This place Rocks! Contact Carla today.

2 years ago
Fca Auction gave DFW Thermography a 5 star review

Great site that could safe your wife's, mothers or daughters life.

2 years ago

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