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I was asked to so this review in order to help others and to let them know that Dr Giouard can help those with TMJ. It's a degeneration of the cartilage in the jaw. This can be very painful. 4 years ago I was referred to Dr Giouard for this. I've had TMJ since I was in my teens. Once he realized the extent of my TMJ I went through a series of exams. At the conclusion it was decided that I should wear an appliance for the night as I was a grinder which was causing the breakdown and the pain in my jaw. I also could not open my mouth wide enough which causes a lot of problems when going to the dentist for cavity fill-ins, cleaning, etc. I was also diagnosed for sleep apnea according to the questionnaire that I filled out in the beginning. I was then referred to a sleep clinic and my diagnosis was that I was a severe case. I am still in therapy for this and will continue. Once diagnosed it does not disappear with therapy. This helps you to breathe and you're well rested which relieves your major organs to stay healthy. I had a follow up with Dr Giouard this week with an excellent report. I have no more pain, cracking of my jaw, and I have more movement in my jaw so that I can open wider than ever before. With the night appliance I no longer grind my teeth which is evident on the appliance. I recommend 100% the procedure that Dr Giouard and others in the field does for this kind of problem.

-- Virginia H

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