Dental Health Centre

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790 Dieppe Blvd
Unit 203
Dieppe, NB EIA 9G5

gave Dental Health Centre 5 stars


I had been battling anxiety and depression for a few months. I ended up being admitted to the hospital and that is when I decided the sky could be blue again. I started medication and massage therapy. I helped, but the jaw, head, neck, and shoulder issues were still ever so present. Antidepressants can only help so much. I then got the help of Dr. Patrick Girouard and his wonderful assistant. In only a few days of having completed the first stages of the treatment, I could feel the difference. Everyone is different, and I always seem to be the exception where things don't go smoothly or as they are usually supposed to, but this time I can assure that the Dental Health Centre is a true life saver as these are easily transportable unlike a massage therapist or medication that require to remain at the same place for months on end. Thank you souch Dr. Patrick and Marieve!

-- Josee A

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