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I had been battling anxiety and depression for a few months. I ended up being admitted to the hospital and that is when I decided the sky could be blue again. I started medication and massage therapy. I helped, but the jaw, head, neck, and shoulder issues were still ever so present. Antidepressants ... See More


So far this has been an excellent experience. Not having to suffer through headaches, sandy noises when chewing and locking/poping of my jaw is well worth going through the procedure. The dentist as well as his full staff are very professional and were able to answer any questions I had. This is som... See More


Après plusieurs années de douleurs à la mâchoire, au cou et à l'épaule, mon chiropracticien m'a conseillé de consulter Dr Patrick Girouard. Lors de ma première consultation, j'ai beaucoup apprécié le fait que mon diagnostique était basé sur des tests et non sur des croyances. On m'a trè... See More


A few years ago my family dentist referred me to Dr. Patrick Girouard because I was experiencing jaw and facial pain as well as general discomfort with my teeth.
After a diagnosis of TMJ, I was fitted with dental appliances. With time and precise adjustments made by Dr. Girouard, the pain in my jaw... See More


I was asked to so this review in order to help others and to let them know that Dr Giouard can help those with TMJ. It's a degeneration of the cartilage in the jaw. This can be very painful. 4 years ago I was referred to Dr Giouard for this. I've had TMJ since I was in my teens. Once he realized th... See More


Before I went to see Dr Girouard I was suffering from migraines, jaw pain (TMJ), neck pain and lack of sleep. I was also seeing my chiropractor at least every three weeks. She referred me to Dr Girouard and I finally took the time to go see him. Honestly I wasn't confident he was going to be able... See More

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