Utah Health Center

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5526 Van Winkle Expressway
Murray, Ut 84117
United States
(801) 901-4261
Shannon Larsen gave Utah Health Center a 5 star Rating on Google

Utah Health Center was wonderful for helping me decrease my migraines and headaches! Couldn’t ask for a better Chiropractor office. Also, the receptionist very nice! 😊

Adnam Eiram Jensen Miner-Babb Recommends Utah Health Center

I definitely recommend Doc Ziegler! Auto Accidents are a real pain. Chiropractors help take the pain away! I was really impressed by how much he knew about the body and how bones and muscles work. I was and am still grateful for the professionalism and expertise. If you experience the unfortunate event of an auto accident or any other injury, do yourself a favor, give this guy a call!

5 months ago
Janette White gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review

Dr. Ziegler is an amazing Chiropractor and has helped me manage my back and neck pain. If you have ever been in an auto accident or just have chronic pain he is the guy to see. I would recommend him to anyone.

1 year ago
Lindsay Griffin gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review

Dr. Z has been my chiropractor for several years. I knew he was excellent, but was especially grateful for his skill after being in a car accident in which my vehicle was totaled. I was in so much pain, but through regular appointments and massage therapy, I got back to health. His office also took care of all the paperwork with my insurance company so I could get the appointments covered which was a huge help. I also like how Dr. Z doesn't push me to set up lots of appointments, but I just schedule them as needed. Removing the sales pressure makes me a happy client!

2 years ago
Cindy Clyde gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review

Dr Ziegler, or Dr Z as we like to call him, is one of the most gifted and talented chiropractors that I have had the opportunity to be worked on by. Last July, I had just left his office with my daughters after having had a routine adjustment, when 5 miles down the road we were broadsided and injured in an accident. I called Dr Z from the hospital where we were all being treated. He not only made room for us to be see the next morning to try to help us get realigned again, but he copied x-rays that he had of us and headed out to the hospital to bring them to us for the treating physicians at the ER to be able to compare to post injury xrays being taken to help with our diagnosis and treatment plans. The ER physicians didn't bother to look at them, and gave us a bottle of pain pills and muscle relaxers and said goodbye. I was amazed that Dr Z cared enough about us to go out of his way to help us. He then worked on us over the next 3 months, sometimes even as an emergency walk in on a bad day as we rehabilitated from concussions, bruises, muscle spasms and pain. If you over due it in the garden or yard on the weekend and put your back out, or something else more intense like total your brand new truck, then Dr Z at Utah Health clinic is worth the drive up to Salt Lake to be seen.

2 years ago
Stephanie Thacker gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review

I've received chiropractic care my whole life. Dr. Ziegler has the most amazing hands and always helps me feel 20 years younger when I leave.

2 years ago
Val States Ziegler gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review

Great office! Always feel better after Doc Z works on me. The first place I'd go if I'm in an auto accident. Love the Lifetime Vibe whole body vibration. Easy to get to the office too.

3 years ago
Heidi Jones gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review
3 years ago
James Gibney gave Utah Health Center a 5 star review

Dr. Z and his team are great!!! Utah Health Center will resolve your pain areas and help you achieve your personal health goals. They have a holistic and comprehensive approach to feeling and living better.

3 years ago

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