Wee Care Preschool

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3580 Mount Acadia Blvd
San Diego, California 92111
United States

My daughter attended had a great experience. She enjoyed the personal creative freedom and I appreciated the structure and caring teachers. Plus the price was right and the location was convenient. ... See More


We absolutely love WeeCare. Our daughyer is learning do much from her teacher Miss MJ and Mrs. Gracie is always very welcoming and from the very start has listened to our concerns, she made us feel at ease from the very beginning. We are so appreciative of Mrs. Gracie and all she does. Our daughter ... See More


Miss Gracie is an absolute phenomal school director. My son has a hard time warming up to people but he had no trouble at all with Miss Gracie. She is helpful and inviting and I couldn't be happier with our experience at Wee Care Preschool. I even referred my nephew and he is now enrolled with my so... See More


Mr Gracie is very good person in all the ways !!! The teachers too all of them!! They care for our children's they have lol the answers we have for them they take our children's ice there own this school is the best for me!! I'm so glad I found this school I trust them they are so respectful loving... See More


Recomiendo mucho a esta escuela Wee Care Preeschool, desde el momento que llame a pedir information su attention fue de un 100%, al llegar a la escuela todos son muy amables, a mi hijo le dieron su attention personal, las maestras incluyendo a Ms. Gracie son lo mejor, siempre con una sonrisa , me s... See More


Wee Care preschool Chula Vista is very good school my son Damian has learn his shapes , colors , numbers, and he is always excited to go to school. Also the Director is very friendly and the staff always with smile . I recommend this school to friends and family👍... See More


I love Chula Vista wee care preschool because my son Damian has learn his shapes , colors , numbers and he is alwayshappy to go to school. Also that staff is very friendly and always have a smile . I recommend this school to friends and family.👍... See More


Wee Care Preschool is an amazing school for little kids. My son has been attending school and had learn so much in a little time. My son took a while to get adjusted to the new environment but Wee Care Staff was very helpfull and accomodating to there new student. We love Wee Care weekly themes beca... See More


This is my first experience with a child care I would highly recommend weecare both the director & staff are amazing !!!!!!... See More


I love it!!! Since day one staff are very welcoming and loving.... See More


Teacher's are very friendly. School offers lots of program to develop your child. ... See More

Our daughter has been going there since April. We absolutely love this place. They are so engaging with the children and they actually TEACH the children during classroom time. When I picked my daughter up a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving she was telling me all about cornucopias...I was blown away because she completely knew what it was and she is only 4!! Because of Wee Care she enjoys learning and doing crafts. They also offer Spanish class, dance class, as well as other programs for a really good price. My daughter is actually taking Spanish right now and is on the wait list for the dance class. I am really really happy we found this place and I know that she will be beyond ready for kindergarten.

April Draper gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

My 4-yr. old has been attending Wee Care for a year now and is so happy there. He's had two teachers, Miss Carrie and Miss Christine, and loves them both in addition to the other kind, patient and fun teachers who help on the "little kids" side of the school. His vocabulary and basic knowledge (alphabet and counting) have skyrocketed under their tutelage. They have a very good mix of play time outdoors throughout the day plus in-door time with reading, dancing, music, and art which incorporate numbers, letters, etc., to make learning fun. I'm a single, work full-time mom, so the hours and low number of "closed" day on Wee Care's calendar is an extra plus for me.

Jill Kleinman gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

My daughter loves Wee Care and her teachers MS Jamie and Ms Laura!. My girl doesn't want to leave the school every time I come pick her up! Pros: They have a great backyard with playground structure, sand, a lot of space to play. Playground is divided to 2 areas: little kids/big kids. Different activities and subjects every day. Every day they learn something new and read a new book, make arts and crafts. Also learn letters and numbers, days of the week, moths so on. She also gets homework (optional!) as something to do at home to prepare for Kinder. Also great summer program with lots of activities! Price! I've researched a lot of preschools, never seen price this low. Lunch and snacks included in tuition. Dance, ball play and other classes available. Cons: location, the strip mall is not the best place for preschool... The furnishing of the class rooms is kind of old and cheap, but i guess it has to do with low tuition cost.

Anna Fertel gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

We recently moved and needed to switch daycares. Our 19 month-old liked her old daycare and we had a lot of anxiety about switching her to a different one. It's very nerve-wracking to leave your pride and joy with someone else for 8-10 hours a day. Well after the first day, we noticed our daughter was even happier then she was at her old daycare. She loves this place! She kicks her feet in excitement when we pull up each morning and runs to Miss Cherry so thrilled to see her! The only problem is when we pick her up; she doesn’t want to leave! She instead, wants to show us around and show us all the projects, paintings and drawings she did that day! We love this place!

Justin Gentry gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

I highly recommend Wee Preschool! I have boys ages 2 and 4 currently attending Wee. We love both their teachers and the whole staff. My 2 year says his... more

Emily B. gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

We love wee care. The teachers are AMAZING. They have all become such a big part of our family and will always have a special place in our hearts for them... more

Jackie D. gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

I was a referred to check out this place and the service and experience was great. They had an immediate opening the beginning of the school year. Diane,... more

Shylo H. gave Wee Care Preschool a 5 star review

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