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My experience with the HTC program has been a great one. It feels like I signed up yesterday because the time flied by so quickly the past few weeks. The things we learn is not hard to understand but it’s the implementing part that’s hard. It made me change my lifestyle quite a lot. I started to become more responsible and more patient because of the mindset change that I’d learned from the HTC program. That change had the strongest impact on me. Because it all starts with mindset, from there it’s following the principles you’ve learned.
So yes, HTC did make me improve myself and my daily habits, productivity and I learned a lot about sales of course.
My experience with the support team was great as well. Whenever I had a question they always answered quickly and very clearly.
The HTC community is very supportive and gave me lots of positivity when I posted my introduction video. It really does feel amazing when there are so many people welcoming you.
I’d really recommend HTC to anyone who doesn’t want to live the matrix life!

-- Daisy W

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