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Before signing up for HTC, I always felt worried and fearful about almost everything. After going through the class and being exposed to all the lies I was programmed to believe, I then realized to not live that way anymore.
I love the daily affirmations and videos. On the first week of reciting the Attitude of Gratitude video, I could not finish it without crying. I loved it so much; I cried visualizing hugging my family during affirmation, it was so fulfilling. Learning about lower self and higher self, I am now able to decide what I accept and what I reject with the thoughts that comes into my mind. I have to always think abundance instead of scarcity. Oh my gosh I almost forgot about the gem types, I now know how to push myself in closing people using the pain level exercises/questions. I am all Pearl and before when a person tells me “no”, I just say okay that’s fine. I realized how many people I have let to go and accept not giving them help because I accepted their lower self objections… And also getting to know how to handle Rubys. I used to avoid those type of people but now I realized they are actually very nice people, they have a very soft spot in their heart..
The bonus day (8th class) was so deep. I had a box of tissue on my desk while watching and listening to Sifu Dan and the other speakers. I cried right away during the beginning of the class: helping people and always delivering value first before you ask anything in return. And to not worry if they don’t pay your services as long that you know that you have helped them with all your heart. And with the Gun to Hear Urgency, I also cried so much during that one. I need to make sure that I will be out there, and not wait for “someday”, everything is now, “Do it Now!”
Thank you, thank you Sifu for just a start of this beautiful journey. I thought I already had a BIG heart before joining HTC, but you opened up a lot of things that I can do more… I am so excited to be part of the impact that you’re having in this world. We love you Sifu! In tears again while writing this.. I know I would not be able to share my HTC experience via video without crying; so I decided to write it down.


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