HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Had to join HTC is because I want to learn a skill that allows me to leave my “JOB” and create the ideal lifestyle that I want. A lifestyle that enable me to work remotely in different country and create more time for myself while earning a high-income.

From expericens, this Programs is really different from the others. We have lives lesson with Dan and his team for 8-weeks. they are able to share their experience and we can feel the connection in every live classes. We are able to connect with our brother and sister within HTC and connect with them. Growing our skills and networking all in one place.

I am surprised that about HTC is that how they can handle and close calls with very little talking. Or handle difficult question that the prospect throw to them. And alot more on midset and self-digging on our inner-self.

What profound way that Dan impacted me, wold be mindset and my lower self. Dan always has a way to hit and address our biggest and deepest Pain point. Calling out our lower self, keep pushing and challenging our higher self to OVERPOWER our lower self.

By having learned this new High-income skill, in the next 12-months from now, i would want to see myself
- quit my job and earning $5K per month
- Keep providing value to the market place
- set up a small busniess that genearate income
- achieve Mastery of this new High-income skill.

Lastly, if someone were sceptical about the HTC family, or feels that the investment is a big stretch for them. I would close them that HTC will be the very program that it will make the biggest impact to their life, just like mine. If they really want to achieve what I have achieve thought HTC, let them justify it.

-- Edward E

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