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My experienced with High Ticket Closer program (HTC) was far way better than I expected. Sifu Dan over delivered. There are many things I have learned in this seven-week journey through HTC. Allow me to share at least three things that I consider my biggest take away from this course. First is Mindset. Not just mindset but growth mindset. Sifu Dan, taught me how to believe in myself again. The confidence I have lost after my divorce 2years ago. Now, I have gained back that confidence in myself. Having the right growth mindset helps me believe that I can control and choose my own destiny. I do not doubt myself anymore, Yet, I acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn and room for improvement, Improvement on closing skill, on my communication skills, and people skill.
And the second thing. I want to share, is Positive Behavior. While growth mindset is at the core, positive behavior is the outward manifestation. It incorporates commitment, efficient effort, and persistence, that embraces the lessons learned even from failures. It’s the behavior that constantly, tirelessly, frequently investing in myself that supports my goal in "discovering the best version of who I am and who I want to become."
And third, HTC family facebook group. Having a support group that gives me encouragements through their testimonies of booms, and sharing their life’s journey through HTC, proved to be very helpful in keeping me accountable. HTC family has taught me to be self-reliant while not being a lone wolf. I have never found a group, that is way too supportive, much more with a global reach as HTC family.
If there’s someone reading this who isn’t decided yet, whether HTC is for them or not, think of the many testimonials, like this. Lives that has been changed. I am very certain that if anyone who takes this course journey seriously, commit themselves 100%, diligently implementing, no excuses; eventually they’ll be able to see the fruits of their labors. And they can say to themselves, just like me, I am glad I took the challenge Sifu Dan has set before me to take HTC program. My life, your life, our lives will never be the same again.
Thanks to Sifu DAN, Desmond, Tina, 9AH-AG, and HTC family,

-- Robert D

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