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Hello HTC family, hello Si Fu!

My name is Daniel Laczko, and I'm 26 years old from Hungary.
In the last 7 weeks, so many things happened to me. I couldn't believe in the fact, that they're happening at all. There's no question, that this 7 week was one of my best life experience I've ever had. I had bad experiences in the past with different mentorship programs, but most of us had the same, or similar experience. That's why I don't feel the need to talk about these experiences. Rather I want to share how the HTC saved my life.
The only reason, why I'm not recording this, and I'm speaking in front of the camera is my lower-self. I don't make excuses, I'm fully aware now what's happening around me, and for that reason, I also know, that the lower-self has way less power over me.
Before I started the program, I used to live day to day, having bad habits (eating too much junk food, smoking weed..ect.), just to make me forget the horrible life, that I was living. I talked to doctors, they wanted to put me on medications, and into a therapy program, because when I asked them for help, all they saw was..oh I'm having addictions. All I wanted is to have a guide, that " what am I supposed to do with my life?" I knew the problem is in my head, I just didn't know, what to do, and who I can get help from. Before I joined HTC, I didn't even have a bed, I used to sleep on the floor.
Whatever happened was my fault, but I was blaming others because that's what I learned from home.

So what did I accomplish during the 7 weeks?

I stopped my bad habits. After eating pizza, and smoking weed every single day, I stopped doing them when I watched the first seminar. I lost 12 kg, I became healthier. I gained new friendships. People who have healthy habits, people who want to progress in life, and they can and they want to back me up. I got a sales job with no experience, and 2 weeks ago, I made a deal with my boss, that I get 5% commission top of my salary. I paid off 2 debts out of 3. I gained back my self-confidence, and at last but not least I started to love myself. When I look in the mirror, I say.."damm, I love myself", and I see the person who I am, and who I want to become. I cannot describe the feeling, how grateful I am.

My Dad, who has never shown me his love, he said to me I love you, and I believe in you. After 26 years, only this sentence has changed my life forever. These things only happened, because I joined HTC and I became a High Ticket Closer. No matter where I am in life, as long as I'm getting better, I'm doing the right thing.

The skill what I learned, it's brilliant, but the mindset makes me unstoppable...

I know there's a lot to practice, and learn. I know the easy way is always gonna be there. But now, I don't have excuses to fall back, because I know exactly what to do. The price what I paid is nothing. This experience is priceless. The only way I can pay back the value that I received if I continue to learn and grow. And I don't let Si Fu down. One of his seminar Si Fu said, the phrase Si Fu means mentor in Chinese. I've been practicing Wing Tsun in the past, and if I'm correct, it also means Father. You are the Father of all of us. From so many entrepreneurs, you were the one who I could look up to before I joined HTC. One of my big goals is to make you proud and give back the love and care what you've given to us.

Thank you!

Desmond, Tina...

Thank you for all of your support what you provide in the community. It's beautiful to see that you guys working hard every day, helping Si Fu to keep the family together, and create new opportunities for the family to grow.

I made a promise for myself, that I'll do whatever it takes to give you guys a big hug, and I hope I'll be able to fully show, how grateful I am.

Thank you for everything...

If anyone reads this, who hasn't joined HTC yet...

If you're wondering what to do, how you're gonna do it, and you're scared, I hope this letter reminds you why you wanted to join at all, and it shows you, that a family is waiting for you.

-- Daniel L

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