HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Dan’s program help me a lot. Dan is a enthusiast teacher, unlike other programs he insist to teach live. I feel happy, loved, connected attend live. Also, Dan have very different insight, he teach students in a more comprehensive and fun way. His insight are very precise, and powerful. Frankly you can find the best intelligence and strategy here. No matter which industry you’re in, Dan’s teaching will absolutely evaluate the quality of your life. I honestly feel like shit buying all other programs out there. I feel so stressful those money I waste with no result. I wish I can take back all those money I waste and reinvest in every program Dan launch. Because I know that every program Dan launch are in high quality. Frankly Dan is the Bentley, iPhone, Apple, Audemars Piguet in this business & financial program industry. I admit I have problems. But those programs aren’t as quality as Dan’s. I feel like Dan craft his program so carefully like the finest watch of Switzerland. I remember the time when I feel so depressed, frustrated and stressed about all these drop shipping programs, cryptos I bought. I am nearly on the edge of collapse and go ape. But then this man in red suit in the Bentley jump in on Facebook. The concept of high income skill and wealth triangle he teach really resonate me. So I go deeper and watch his videos on YouTube. Slowly, gradually my mood improve over weeks, I sleep better, and I find back the confidence and courage to fight again in this business arena. I am first hesitate, retreated to join Dan’s $2500 program because it is too expensive to me. But then I book a call with his student from HTC. He closed me on the phone and I feel grateful about it. Because if he don’t close me I still stay in the damn position I hate in my life. Now I feel grateful and growing everyday. I feel the biggest problem with all those programs out there is they are trying to sell you the get rich quick scheme, or shortcut success. But Dan teach us to go brick by brick, sharpen the skill over time and enjoy the process. The idea is “Feel happy, grateful with what you have now, and pursue more, create more along the way.” There’s nothing wrong with pursuing more, because life is about creating more. This is one of my favorite of Dan’s teaching. Anyway, Dan is really DIFFERENT.


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