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Dear Sifu Dan and HTC Family,

I'm very happy with HTC Journey and the connection with all of you.
There are so many great lessons and phenomenal experiences for me.

I want to share 3 big lessons here:
First of all, it is about Belief and Force.
I'm from Vietnam, I'm not confident about my English.
That the main reason so that I didn't sign up for HTC Course.
But after follow Sifu's works, I made a decision: "I really want to learn from Dan. So, I must find a way to understand his words,
I watched more than 90 percents of his Youtube videos, replay, take notes and apply for my business.
Until I can understand 70 percents of his lessons without subtitles.
Now I can understand 95 percents what Sifu said. It's a transformation for me.

The big second obstacle is money, of course.
It's a big money, especially for Vietnamese. It 4 times of Vietnamese average salary.
But when I collect enough reasons, finally I found a way to collect enough money, also.

Number 2: Yes, it about Selling and Closing.
I hate selling. I believe that I can't sell.

But by the time, I got a promotion in my company. So, I must deal with sales.
It's a long time to get struggle with that.
I'm very upset, almost hopeless about very low results and the hard feeling alongside my selling.
Now, yes, my closing rate is increasing, not significant yet, but it's a very positive signal.
And, the most important part is: I love closing, I look at selling in a very different paradigm.
Every day I enjoy selling.

3. Third: How to always over deliver for what you sell.
That is the most powerful impact on me, too.
I feel connected with Sifu and HTC family although my country is very far from them.
The way they construct the whole experience is so fantastic.
I love the live class, I revisit the replay so many times, I love the community Sifu gives us.
My vision board is come to Canada to meet Sifu Dan and team face to face.

Thanks Sifu and HTC team!

-- Huynh K

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