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It was a very good training in which I learned a lot about closing and it boosted my confidence. I like that it is applicable from the very beginning and I don't have to wait to be an expert. That was a good push for me. I also recognised a lot of material from T Harv Eker even though it was not mentioned. I suppose he was one of the guys sifu said registered to go to the classes without asking the price.

The extroverted way of the people involved in the training made me uneasy since I am an introvert but made me think "what the heck, life is short, don't beat around the bush". Also it was a tough training to wake up at 03:45 for the courses (to be able to start at 04:00) but I did it. 08:30 when the course was over found me in the office, children already dropped at school. So I listened in the car, while eating, dressing, washing. Also the compact form did not suit me (I know that there are people in the community that say it was fine) because I have a business to run, family, children, other obligations and events that I had in my calendar and the time to do the exercises was not enough or was not at all (from Wednesday morning to Friday morning). So now I have to go over all the training again without having the vibe of the community; it is more uphill for me.

I have my own business and I will apply in it but my goal is to close for Bob Proctor. I don't know at this moment how am I going to get in contact with him since I am from another continent but I will figure it out.

Best regards,

-- Doru C

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