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The experience was phenomenal. It was better than I have expected. I’m a mental health clinician who has worked for more than a decade and in many settings. Do not expect it to be a psychology course, of course. But Dan Lok was able to choose certain more practical psychology theories, particularly social psychology theories, then after adding his own interpretation, explain to his students so that everyone can make good use of it. The most impressive was the role plays he did. Not only he was able to put the ideas in words, he was able to demonstrate it to you at any time in anywhere. No preparation or script was necessary. This showed his true ability and wisdom. Another thing was that although some of his theories were rather obvious, the main difference was he put them into actions, he became the living proof of his theories. Plus, the culture Dan Lok created among his HTC family was rather unique. He focused a lot on people’s psychology to design and maintain a very supportive culture in HTC family that composes of all his students from all seasons. In conclusion, it is definitely worth it!

-- Elizabeth T

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