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Hi there my name is mohammed j mohammed, proud season 8 graduate and new member in the Inner circle family. right before i joined HTC i was in a depressing state of mind, lost a lot of money with bad business deals, lost a 3 year relationship due to idk what, got in a very horrible car accident, lost feelings and hope in everything once i had passion for. i prayed and prayed to get out of this miserable mindset. one day i came cross sifu dan lok HTC program so i signed up with no hesitation because deep down i knew this is what i need at this moment in my life. i start studying and implementing everything to the T, i made HTC philosophy my ritual daily life. the change start to happen gradually and i can see it and feel it, i start working on my new natural supplement business implementing HTC in getting big whales. after a lot of rejections and slam doors, i land a big whale, a mass distributor to carry my product exclusively in louisiana and texas and the rest is history. today as Im writing my honest testimony i also landed another WHALE to do the same in NC. I have 3 other Whales in Ms, Cali and Fl to carry my product exclusively in their state. this is only the beginning for me and im planning to carry HTC philosophy to next generations. Im blessed and lucky to come across HTC program in a time when i needed someone or something to be there for me so it really saved my life from horrible things. Im still going back and studying the course like i did the first time and I never liked to study so that here by itself should tell you ALL about how truly amazing HTC program, sifu dan lok and the amazing family and support we have in Our community. Thank you guys Im forever grateful for this once in a lifetime opportunity. wait on the massive boom im posting soon ;)

-- Mohammed M

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