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My name is Henrique Sakata and I'm from Brazil. I would like to make a self video for this
review, but I still don't feel that comfortable to speak English because I'm still learning the
language(I can understand pretty well, but I still have some difficulties to speak).

I've found Sifu's videos acidentally on YouTube when I was doing some research about
businesses and money administration and liked it a lot. Then I downloaded his books and found
out that he developed a course to teach one of his skills, then I joined to the course because I
wanted to gain more of those said skills.
I'm very glad to be part of the HTC Family and now I can tell you that I'm a better entrepreneur
after this course. I've learned a lot in it and I loved this online format because it's very flexible to
make my own schedule to watch videos. Although some of the videos are very long and I had
some difficulties to search information inside of it when I was studying.

I already have a company and we make X millions per year. After this course I'm able to identify
some mistakes that we still make and now I understand the reason. For example, our maketing
was very weak(not to say that we had none). We attend just a few clients per year(maximum 4,
on purpose) but if some of them don't renew their contracts, we have to prospect new clients
and this makes this business very stressfull. Because of that, we already hired a marketing
company to help us from the beginning of next year, and we became a member of a group of
entrepreneurs at Alphaville(place where Brazil's richest people live). We have plans to open
new companies next year and your teachings were very important for us to improve our skills
and reduce the risks.

I also would like to offer my help, if you are interested of course, in translating and subtitling the
videos to Brazilian Portuguese to reach more people like my wife for example, who is very
interested but can't keep up because of poor quality YouTube subtitles. I belive your teachings
are very important to brazilian entrepreneurs too and most of then don't speak English.

Best regards,

-- Henrique S

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