HTC High Ticket Closer™

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Dan Lok teaches a unique "poor person mindset" detox program. Society, parents, friends, media, religions, all promote a scarcity mindset from the time we are born. The problem with this is if you are poor, how can you help yourself or anyone else!!! In order to have the power to help people, you need both money and skills. That way you can both give a fish and teach people to fish for themselves. Dan Lok delivers on all counts. Millenials take note.... consider delaying college for one year and invest $2500 for Dan's course, which is a fraction of your first year's college tuition. Commit to working on your closing skills for at least one hour every day live with the other students in Dan's online training group. Spend a year being a closer and bank the cash. Then decide if college really makes sense or if being a closer makes sense. Even if you decide to go to college your closer skill will help you all through life and in any business you choose.

-- Steve K

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