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Hello everyone...this is Ashfaq Ahmed and I am from Indian
Before joining HTC I was basically a college dropout...I dropped out of my graduation

I was so confused what to donl next...I was looking for different ways to make money.

One day I got to see a video of Dan where he was explaining why people struggle to make money..I still remember what he said in that video... people struggle to make money because they don't have any skills ..we need skill to generate money

Then I started following him and started watching all the videos
My motivation for joining HTC is to gain financial confidence and to become able to provide my family with the best life possible.

After going through HTC I have gained immense confidence and now if I compare myself before and after HTC I'm a complete different person now.

I want to share one thing that my sifu said to all the students during our class...he said he believes in us more than we believe in ourselves...that one line made me think this person doesn't even knows me and he is believing in me..I asked myself a question..why am I not able to believe in myself...

Now I completely beli in myself and I aslo believe in what I do.

During this program sifu has completely streched my mind,my thoughts and the way I think..once your mind is streched it never gets back to it's previous shape...then everything i never see the world with the same perspective...I see things differently..I value my time.
I just wanted to thank my sifu,Desmond,Tina,all the leaders and all the brothers and sisters ...thank you everyone!

-- Ashfaq A

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