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The program is very intense, and I wish I had known what exactly it entailed before joining, because I certainly would have chosen to join at another time when I actually have a lot more time to commit. Having said that, I love my people in my AG, and especially our leader, Irene, who is very encouraging, caring, dedicated, and competent. So I am glad I joined when I did. Otherwise, I wouldn't have met these people! I might be a little behind the rest of my cohort, but I am aware this is a life-long process and learning, so when my current work situation is out of the way, I will devote more and more time to really make the most of this program. In my opinion at this point, the best part of this program has been the community where we all want to grow and support each other. I have never been part of an online community where I feel so much support. So, that, in itself, has been a great gift. Thank you, Sifu, and the HTC community. :-)

-- Keiko K

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