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Hi, my name is Thary PRUM.
I am sharing my learning from HTC.
First, what brought me to HTC?
Well, for me the more I watched Sifu Dan Lok Youtube, the more I felt that something valuable in it for me. I told myself that there must be benefits like the business skills there for me. And I signed up for the class straight away.
HTC is very different program from other courses because it trains students play to win, not play not to lose. HTC program designed with no excuses, no opinions and no victims’ rules, support community for learning and accountable groups guiding, supporting and holding students accountable for their tasks and practice and practice the learning points from the classes. It is like the diamond polishing machine. Once a diamond is gone properly through the machine it is well polished and become shinier and valuable.
When I was in HTC, what surprised me the most was HTC built my self-confidence and my self-belief. I can move myself away from my lower self.
Sifu Dan impacted me the most was the way he made me realize that I have to change my mindset to be a better ME. I have the courage to leave behind negative people around me for my path to be a better me. Before I was thinking that I am the person behind the scene but in fact I was an observer sitting at the back and quite lower self-person.
I am now a more action taker person than before. I play to win now. I freed myself from the prison in my mind. I am more a result person; as long as I didn’t get result I didn’t stop. I don’t hold myself back.
With new mindset and closing skill, in the next 12 months, I will leverage most of my tasks on other people’s skills and time. And I am confident that I can at least double my productivity and incomes. I will continue to close myself on other aspects that I am not yet fully closed.
If someone is skeptical about HTC, I would ask them how skeptical they are for improving their life? And how they stretch themselves to move the current situation for their greatness?

-- Thary P

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