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I was motivated to join the HTC Certification program after watching a webinar, and then the seemingly endless testimonials (that really got me). I had done a business development program over the summer and at graduation, one of my cohorts recommended hiring closers, and using only Dan Lok's HTC closers. I did not yet know what a closer was. A couple of weeks later, the webinar showed up in my Facebook feed, so of course I had to watch.

HTC is different because of the depth of emotion that is allowed in the training. I don't really have the words to describe it. It really got me at my core.

Dan is now my Sifu. His willingness to go deep and be vulnerable, and explain how to transform oneself and thinking is really profound. He always over-delivers and feel how much he loves what he does and really cares for us and wants us to succeed. He is an excellent teacher and coach.

Now that I have learned closing, I see myself 12 months from now, living where I want to in the world, tending a beautiful garden, making art, being an awesome closer, and having the freedom to travel wherever I want in the world and visit the people I love.

For those skeptics about HTC: I would say not investing in themselves with HTC is a big risk. You cannot even imagine the value and experience you will get from it. It will forever change the way you see the world and yourself in the world. There is no going back. For instance, I literally felt locks turning in my brain in just the first class, and my handwriting has changed since. HTC Certification Program will not change you; it will transform you.

Inonge Khabele

-- Inonge K

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