HTC High Ticket Closer™

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I just finished HTC, including that bonus class 8, with my season!

The reason I joined HTC was to learn an effective sales skill to help improve my business, and to create a new source of income. I was completely blindsided by how the class turned out to be. To put it in the most simple way possible, HTC is like having Uncle Dan teach you business skills you wish you'd learned as a kid. All I kept thinking during the 8 weeks was, 'If I'd only known this as a kid, life would've been so much smoother and so much easier.' Sure, it was a lot of time commitment to make it to all the webinars, the assignments, and the practice sessions. Frankly, some of those exercises he made us do made me wonder about his and my sanity. There were definitely laughter, tears, and anxiety, but through it all, HTC really is a very supportive family. To me, that renewed sense of confidence and excitement about life was pretty priceless, and I am even happier that I am already seeing a return in my business1

So if you are reading this while wondering if HTC is worth the time and investment, then maybe it is time to ask what you and your future are worth to you?

-- Vivien E

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