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I don't know how much i could express myself and convey my grateful to my Sifu Dan Lok. For me, his is "one of a million"! We have so many rich people in the world. They normally share their experience and some quoted how to be successful but they don’t show you in particularly how to being rich exactly like them. My Sifu Dan Lok is different. He shows us how to and push us move forward in the process of how to become rich like him.

I must say that the process with HTC are tough, intense, difficult, overwhelm, get lost most of the time but it’s worth every single second spend time with Sifu Dan Lok. You will be change both mindset and your life. The way you see things is not in the same way before join to HTC but in a good way. So what I can say is trust the process. Because he will bring you to a different world, open your eyes and show you a world of successful people, successful mindset. You will have chance to get to know more friends, brothers and sisters in HTC. And together, they will be with you to overcome difficulty challenge and graduate with you.

Trust me, one of the worthiest course that I’ve ever join in.

Thank you Sifu Dan Lok. I’m proud to become your student.
Love and respect,
Lee Nguyen

-- Lee N

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