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That is an EXTREMLY intensive course which can and will provide you a results. This program gave me more than I expected. I thought it would be just another watery course where the lecturer will give you a lot of hard to swallow info and you should to somehow take a guess how to use at least anything from this mess. HTC is something different. This is a deep drawning into yourself and it makes you ask yourself a deep questions that will lead you to a gaining one of the most valuable High Income Skill - the ability to close deals.
Each word of Sifu is full of a deep point and you are realy changing like a person and that changes in you are always good. Your way of seeing this life makes you feel far more confident and meaningfull than ever before.
If you ever asked yourself a questions how and why this program will give you A LOT of them.
First time in my life I feel confidence at the path that i chosen in life and it's all thanks to Sifu and a Facebook comunity.
And Sifu is right - I feel like the more I know, the more I understand how litle my knowlage is.
If you want to acheve a mastery in sales this program is vital for you. You NEED to hear that.
I am at the very begining on my way of becoming a true High-Ticket Closer and I want to say to you. If you have a doubts it's ok, but if you will doubt through your entire life the doubts that's the only result that you will get.
This program is a way new look at the sales process, at your approach to that process, at the results that you will achive, at your motivation to do what you doing and at your inner self after all.
This is not "just a sales". This is the way of life, this is a new filosophy of your life and your sales.
This is a deep understanding of how everything works.
And when you finish it the all amount of question will be answered and than you will start to grow as a professional in sales.
The only one regret that I realy get - that the program is over.

-- Dmitriy I

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