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My name is Jack Han, Season 10 graduate.
HTC is the best investment I have ever made in my whole life.
Before I joined HTC, I was "Jack Lite". But now I am "Super Jack". And I mean it.
The way I speak, I think and I behave are completely different.

Sure, before joining HTC I had some fear of doubt, like "would it work for me?"
It's like bungee jumping. You never know until you jump. In my case I just jumped, and I am so glad I jumped. lol

For those who are outside HTC with skepticism, I totally understand you guys. I felt the same way.
Maybe you ask yourself: how is HTC any different from other online programs out there?
My answer is simple. In fact it's not quite an answer. How different is Mr. Dan Lok (we call him our SIFU) from other guys out there, in your opinion.
If you don't know him, go back and watch his youtube videos. If something clicks in you, then follow your gut feeling.
Piece of advice I can give you as a graduate is this program is not for wannabies. If you come in with a pipedream of making 10k in 7 weeks without being committed, in fact 1000% commitment, it's not working, 100%!
Yet, for the serious players, who are craving for a change, this is for you, ONLY!
Maybe this is the best advice you could get for this program.
Tremendous Respect for Sifu, Desmond Soon, Tina Leder and all the amazing brothers and sisters.
I love you HTC Family!

My name is Jack Han and I am a High Ticket Closer!

PS: I posted my Testimonial Video on HTC FB Group.

-- Jack H

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