HTC High Ticket Closer™

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HTC was an amazing experience. When they said HTC was a family they truly meant it. I started this program because life was not going the way i planned it to be. I looked happy on the outside but on the inside i was dying and sad. Obviously money is something Dan Lok teaches us to gain but confidence was what i truly wanted. I had self image problems, low self-esteem, and just didnt like anything about myself. I always told myself i would go on a diet and lose weight but obviously i use to be the master of procrastinating so that never happened. Also, i was terrified of going to the gym because i thought everyone was judging me. Watching me. Even though now i know it was all in my head. After the first two classes with Dan Lok, I signed up for the gym and decided to love myself and give myself more props because he taught me that i need to learn to sell myself if i wanted to be a hight ticket closer. Also, HTC family is the real deal. I never felt a more positive vibe from anywhere else before. Everyone tries to help each other out and no one is judged. He tries to get you out of your comfort zone and interact with people and at first its terrifying but it gets better. Honestly im still trying to get use to it but the family and love you feel from this group is purely amazing. Overall, i thought this experience was amazing and i really hope i can use what i learned from this to succeed in the future!

-- Eun Jeong J

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