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Hello My name is Michael Zamarripa (S9),
---I would like to send a special shout out to Mr. Dan Lok.. >YOU ROCK SIFU!!!< WOW!---

When joining this course, I must say that I was a little apprehensive to do so. I wasn't even sure on which direction this was going to take me. But man am I so glad I did.. I did receive a lot of flack from my friends and family when I invested the money to join the HTC Program, but I knew I needed a change in my life.. I just wasn't happy following someone else's dreams.. You know, I'm a Dreamer Too, and I wanted More than what I was currently doing, and more than what I was achieving.. More than anything, I wanted to find something lucrative that I could do from home -vs- Hugging the Car Lot for 12-15 hours a day or as we refer to as Bell to Bell... I have been in the sales arena most of my life, and for the last 20 years I have been selling New and Used Vehicles.. Yes and as I learned from this awesome HTC program I was doing it all wrong.. (Ouch!) The Ugly Green Monster which seemed to appear quite frequently did so because this was the way I was taught. that this was the best way to create more sales and sell more vehicles.. Now after completing this course it truly gave me the courage to open my heart, to put my Lower-Self in check, and to Fire My Boss who truthfully had me and my sales skills in check! It's time for me to focus on the techniques I learned from SIFU and this absolute Number One, Second to none High Ticket Closing Course..

Thank you again for everything...
Michael Zamarripa (S9)


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