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Happy new year. I apologize for late review and chose to write instead of video.
Learning from SiFu and joining HTC meant to me a lot. I didn't expect the program had so much volume. The reason I joined HTC was because it sounds good and work as high ticket closer is flexible. I didn't know what closing meant and I thought I can improve my sales talk. So it was mind blowing. I took the red pill 2 years ago when I had a spiritual experience and since that I kept learning about spirituality. I couldn't imagine there are so many things I learned from spirituality are related to what SiFu teaches. Because of my pass and experience, I was loosing confidence before joined HTC. From what SiFu teaches and help from my AG leader Peyman, I could get myself back and it was what I needed. This was my biggest outcome from HTC. Now I have confidence and I won't let anyone let me down again. Thank you so much SiFu. The way you teach is amazing and I feel your love from the way you teach. It made me emotional during the class and I cried few times. I want to give impact to people like you and make them feel something I felt too. I will keep learning and create my own pass way. I will definitely recommend HTC to people who want to grow. Thank you again SiFu and all the people who supporting SiFu and the community. I appreciate so much.

-- Kaori M

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