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Sifu Dan changed my life! J was a very shy person. I avoid eye contacts all the time as I was too shy. I always beg my classmates and coworkers to do presentations for me even through I spent a lot of time preparing the content. I immigrated to Canada about 16 years ago. I could speak English at that time so I was struggling to get my idea and knowledge across to my coworkers and clients.

During the 6 weeks class, Sifu completely changed me. I am like a diffenrt person now. He not only changed my mindset but alos made me understand the purpose of my life is to serve. Once that seed was implanted in my brain, I no longer worried about how other people will judge me. Sifu taught us: the focus is not on us but on our audiences = people we help. Our brain starts to think and focus on how to provide value instead of focusing on ourselves.

Recently, I feel everyone at my work can see my Changes and some of them said to me that I am a good presenter. This is something I would never think of.

Thank you Sifu Dan. The entire HTC program blows me away and like Sifu said: you will never be the same person.

-- Carinna L

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