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Joining HTC has been one of the most life changing course that I have come across. It's not only a high-income skill that can you make you money on demand, it's much much more than that. HTC in my eyes represents the lens, the framework of thinking on how to solve any human problem. Closing is all Emotional Intelligence, and this course is the foundation of EQ at its core. I've learned how to adapt to different gem types and to communicate my ideas and concepts effectively to anyone that I can come across. I've learned how to influence my family and my friends. I've learned how to be a better human being who can connect on a deep level, in a world where we are so connected yet so disconnected by technology. I've learned how to listen with intent, and ask the right questions, and to dig deep into the prospect's pain. This skill gave me confidence in myself. I know what it means to wear the cape of a high ticket closer.

-- Phillip L

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