HTC High Ticket Closer™

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So far, HTC has taught me better ways to interact and engage with people. In a world where societies get more and more interconnected, and automation of tasks are the current trend, it is arguably more critical than before to have sharp soft skills.
Having a business and financier background I have seen how both the economy and society rewards those individuals that dominate and implement freshly acquired knowledge.
Just as Robert Kiyosaki continually says, the education system has been broken in the sense that nowadays to get a “decent job” the filters are high, and you don’t get trained for what it is expected.
Moreover, as Dan Lok himself keeps reminding us, knowledge without any experience and implementation are just facts stored in your head.
Dan Lok is a tremendous teacher because he “walks the talk” and only teaches what he has done in the past. In the same way, he acknowledges his limitations but addresses how they have made him way more effective and efficient to get his goals.
Both statements are quite admirable from a businessman and a teacher.
In overall, HTC might deeply related to sales and interaction with clients. Yet what it makes it stand out from traditional sales is that it seeks to create a better bonding and work relationship with the clients and prospects.

-- Erick P

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