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Hi Sifu Dan Lok , Sarge Desmond, Tina Leder and Dan Lok’s team,
Thanking you all from the bottom of my heart. I took life for granted while chasing dreams working for fast pace Hi-Tech Companies for over 30 years long hours, stressed, chasing after promotion, office politics, BS yes sir no sir balls licking making Bosses happy kind of environment, and the growth was meh!! Salary was below average and came across lay-off several occasion. My last company that I had worked for gave me a massive JOLT to my entire system after another lay-off, enough is enough I need to do something for myself. I was watching YouTube on a daily basis trying to find a niche and found this guy in the RED SUIT, I personally am not a believer in any Sales and Marketing courses and it feels like another Amway MLM kind. But as I watched more and more of Dan's videos a lot of things that he sad begins to make sense because I was feeling the pain and life experiences that Sifu have gone thru some to most of it not all of it. I spoke to my wife about this encounter but somehow dropped the idea for a couple of weeks. Then my wife never forgotten about this conversation and kept pushing me to take action. So I signed up for a 4 free lesson then listen to F.U Money the convinced me to join the 7 weeks HTC course, let me say this was the "Biggest eye opening experience and a Mind blowing lecture of a lifetime that have been missing in a part of my life deep down in my soul that I have been searching but just don't know what was that missing puzzle. Hence, I have finally found it, sadly I felt like I should have discovered this years ago, but hey it's never too late just have to play catch-up for lost time. I wake up everyday doing my morning Attitude and Gratitute, Afternoon ;Millionaire mindset and evening; program my subconscious mind for success and wealth. I am now looking forward to my Class #7, Suited up, looking smart and putting on my cape and ready to challenge he would have to offer. Besides being an Introvert and will have to push myself towards more Role Plays, I had also joined HIC to complete my life package that gives me an option to choose (etc. Good days - I am a High Ticket Closer / Bad days, do not feel like talking - Copywriting.
Sifu is a Master of this trade and I am working towards my GOAL. "How you do anything , is how you do everything" "NO B.M.W"
My wish now is to be able to achieve this success sooner and be in the 6 figure income category and to eventually join the Inner Circle group and meet with Sifu give him a success HUG and see all of his team Dan Lok.
My name is Philip Yap - I am A High Ticket Closer and A High Income Copywriter.

-- Philip Y

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